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The Role and Work Modes of RS485/232 Serial Device Server

The Role and Work Modes of RS485/232 Serial Device Server


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The role of serial device server is mainly to carry out network communication, data collection and transmission for RS485, RS232, RS422 serial devices. Here follows the product list of USRIOT serial device server.

Model Interface

 Low cost M0 Serial to Ethernet converter

DHCP, DNS, httpsD Client, Webpage

USR-TCP232-302 RS232
USR-TCP232-304 RS485
USR-TCP232-306 RS232/RS485/RS422

Multi COMs Industrial M4 Serial to Ethernet Converter

Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP, Network print,  Flow control, Web server

USR-TCP232-410s RS232&RS485 *1
USR-N510 RS232/RS485/RS422 *1
USR-N520 RS232/RS485/RS422 *2
USR-N540 RS232/RS485/RS422 *4



The work modes of serial device server:

All USRIOT serial device servers’ work modes support the following work modes, you can switch to the desired mode by configuring the corresponding working parameters through the management function of the serial device server.


Network work modes

1.TCP/IP Server mode

The serial device server monitors the TCP/IP port and waits for a connection. One that initiates connection to the serial device server can be a computer or other embedded network device.

2.TCP/IP Client mode

According to the settings, the serial device server initiates a connection to the specified remote host TCP/IP port . These hosts must work in server mode.

3.UDP broadcast mode

In this mode, the serial device server will use UDP broadcast for data communication, under the default setting, the data will be sent to the broadcast address by using UDP mode:, at the same time, the serial device server will receive data from the address, users can also modify these parameters as needed.

This mode can realize the plan of communication between a single virtual serial port and multiple serial device servers, and can also realize a one-to-many transparent transmission plan accepted by a serial port server to multiple serial port servers.

4.Cross-segment access

Server, Client modes support cross-segment access.

5.UDP mode

In most cases, UDP broadcast can not cross segment, only communicate in the network.



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