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PCB Design —— ODM/EMS We provide one-stop turnkey design service to help customers with the delivery of an out-of-the-box hardware platform that is fully tested and ready to use upon delivery.
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Switches / PoE Switches Ethernet Switches are generally used in company office networks, barrier gate and other scenarios. The device is easy to use and fully compatible, and supports multiple installation methods.
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PRODUCT FEATURES PUSR's Commercial Switches series is durable, robust, and easy to deploy. It can operate stably even in extreme environments and is simple and convenient to use. With the advent of the IoT era, the IoT networking devices in the PUSR's Commercial Switches series provide communication services for enterprise networking and commercial venues, achieving the goals of rapid networking and secure data transmission. This series helps traditional projects reduce costs and increase efficiency, powering future development.
High Speed
By providing higher data transmission speeds, it can support faster network communication and data transmission needs. It can achieve high-speed data exchange within the local area network, meeting the requirements of large-scale data transmission, high-bandwidth applications, and multimedia streaming.
With a metal casing, wide temperature and voltage tolerance, watchdog protection, and the ability to automatically restore the system to normal working conditions in unattended harsh environments, the Commercial Switches enhance the reliability of stable operation and ensure its smooth running
With EMC 3-level protection (against surge, static electricity, and EFT), strong Wi-Fi signals, and high shielding against interference sources during transmission, the Commercial Switches maintain smooth transmission even in wet, cold, dry, or high-temperature environments
The Commercial Switches support more security protocols, security logs, and enhanced physical security, which can strengthen the security of industrial networks, protect industrial control systems from potential threats, and make data transmission safer
PUSR solutions integrates IoT device and cloud platform to systematically realize all connections, fast networking and easy deployment.
Multiple Ports Commercial Switches typically feature multiple ports, enabling the connection of numerous IoT devices. This multi-port design caters to the characteristics of a large number of IoT devices distributed widely, supporting large-scale deployment and interconnection.
Low Latency IoT application scenarios often require high real-time communication capabilities. Commercial Switches possess the characteristic of low latency, enabling rapid data transmission and response, thus ensuring the satisfaction of real-time requirements.
Secure and Stable Commercial Switches provide various security functions, such as access control, authentication, and encryption technologies, to safeguard the communication security between IoT devices and prevent network attacks and data leaks.
Why choose pusr
What can PUSR do for you? The pioneer of this industrial evolution, with "fast networking and stable transmission for you to create a key application of secure data communication".
Ready to do smart ecological networking? PUSR provides networking services for industrial, commercial and mobile transportation, and realizes the application solution of software and hardware integration. You focus on the logic of your project, handing over the key links of networking to PUSR.
Need deployment and planning support? PUSR has rich experience in R&D and application in the field of networking, not only limited to 4G Cellular Routers and 5G Cellular Routers networking, but also includes Ethernet, lte cat 4 Modem,lte cat 1 Modem, Wi-Fi, LoRa, Bluetooth, I/O and other networking methods. And provide configuration, programming, deployment, and customization services when needed.
Reliable Products PUSR IoT Devices have passed quality system certification. Reliable products are the core of PUSR and the key to its rapid development.
Emphasis on Security PUSR Commercial Switches are equipped with software and hardware protection systems to prevent malicious attacks and ensure the constant security of your network connection.
Technical Service You can email our technical support team at any time with questions, and PUSR will provide global technical support for Commercial Switches to ensure the stable operation of your projects.
Brand strength With our own factory, various global certifications, and the trust and support of customers from over 40 countries, we can provide excellent networking technology for critical networking applications.
COLLABORATE WITH PUSR TO PROVIDE UNBREAKABLE WIRELESS NETWORK ! PUSR keeps pace with The Times, provides ecological networking services, quickly and safely realizes industrial networking applications !
  • Enterprise Networking Commercial Switches are crucial devices for building core network architectures. They are capable of connecting various devices within an enterprise, such as servers, workstations, and printers, to achieve efficient and stable data transmission and sharing. Through commercial switches, enterprises can construct hierarchical and modular network architectures to meet the communication needs of different departments and enhance overall work efficiency.
  • Commercial Venues Commercial Switches also play an important role in commercial settings such as shopping centers, hotels, and restaurants. They provide network connections for various devices within these venues, enabling customers to access network services and conduct online transactions. The stability and security of commercial switches ensure a stable and reliable network environment in commercial venues, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and experience.
  • Data Centers Commercial Switches undertake the critical task of connecting various storage devices, servers, and computing resources. They support high-speed data transmission and the connection of large-scale devices, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted data flow within data centers. The high performance and reliability of commercial switches are crucial for ensuring the stable operation of data centers.
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