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Solutions to Shared Payment Industry

Solutions to Shared Payment Industry



Status of the Shared Payment:


Shared economy originates from the Internet platform, which is based on the accurate matching and connection of the right to the use of idle resources, so as to realize the socialization of production factors, improve the efficiency of the use of stock assets, and promote the sustainable development of society as a whole. The business model of shared economy has now penetrated into the whole industry.

With the rapid development of Alipay, WeChat and other payment platforms, mobile payment is more convenient. However, in order to combine the SCAN TO PAY with the terminal of various industries, realize the informationization of the terminal and avoid the tedious process of cash payment, it is still necessary to formulate relevant industry solutions.

Based on this, USRIOT uses GPRS /NB IOT/WiFi and other networking methods, combined with USRIOT SCAN TO PAY management platform, to help your product to achieve sharing.



Industry's Current Problems:

  • High Cost of Operation and Maintenance

Strong labour-intensity of equipment inspection

Difficulty to carry out effective fault warning

Fault-removing is not timely, not professional and not thorough

  • Insufficient Interaction With Users

The payment method is single and the customer experience is poor.

User’s fragile time can not be effectively utilized.

Users are unable to autonomously control devices as needed.

  • Backward Marketing Mode

Businesses lack shared schemes

Terminal management is too extensive

Lack of scientific data analysis

Resource exclusive waste, backward control methods

  • Big Safety Hazard

Maintenance personnel lack professional ability

Lack of warning means, frequent failures

Safeguarding relies on experience and lack of scientific guidance



USRIOT SCAN TO PAY management platform



 In the era of sharing economy, only by relying on the shared management platform and making a good match and connection of resources, can the enterprise benefit be increased and the socialized sharing of production factors be realized. 


USRIOT SCAN TO PAY management platform


SCAN TO PAY Management Platform of USRIOT Can Ensure That:

Open up the interface with Alipay, WeChat and other payment methods; Transparent Transmission Cloud + Payment Box combination mode, one-stop service; connect with the cloud platform in real time, connect the relevant data with one-touch, improve the management efficiency, greatly reduce the operation cost; easy to use, sweep the code and the system automatically sends instructions.

Support different networking modes such as GPRS/NB IOT/WiFi, so as to diversify your choice.


 USRIOT modules support different networking modes such as GPRS/NB-IOT/WIFI


Instruction of Products:

Instructions of Two Types of SCAN TO PAY Products

Product Model 

Product Image Types of SCAN TO PAY Products-USR-PAYNET100
Product Features

Support WeChat payment

Support device remote upgrade

SSL encrypted transmission, payment is safer

Support online and offline revenue analysis

Support dual input, dual output, time output function 

Way to Use Types of SCAN TO PAY Products-USR-PAYNET100

Compared with the traditional charging pile which only supports the Coin-operated mode, USRIOT SCAN TO PAY charging pile can:

Support WeChat SCAN TO PAY , improve user experience

Support WeChat offline coin count, data one button to check

The location can be managed to facilitate operators to optimize their revenue.

Support package management functions, preferential measures to attract more popularity. 





Applicable Industry:

With the help of the USRIOT SCAN TO PAY solution, any device with a coin interface can be directly transformed to realize the SCAN TO PAY sharing scheme based on mobile phone. 


USRIOT SCAN TO PAY applications

USRIOT SCAN TO PAY Management Platform Provides You With:

Private Cloud Solution

Reducing the risk of being constrained by third-party public cloud platforms, the security of servers is controllable, and the schemes are flexible to adjust.

Not restricted by the third party framework.

The paid income directly connects to the account of one's own, so as to avoid the exclusive fund precipitation of the third party platforms.

Self control of core business data, master core data value;

Intelligent transformation through the Internet to achieve equipment operation self-help, reduce maintenance costs, support agent mode. 


Functions of the Background Operation System:

 The platform is based on a mature B/S architecture, and can be operated by directly logging into the browser. It has higher stability, more reasonable design, more convenient operation and significantly improved efficiency.Functions of the Background Operation System


Equipment Management: Unified Access Management for Smart Terminal Devices, and Monitor the Working Condition of the Devices:

  • Business management: Provide information management function to merchants.
  • User management: Manage the information of equipment users.
  • Equipment control: Control the start and stop, unlocking and deblocking of the equipment.
  • Order management: Management of paid orders
  • Revenue management: Management of payment, earnings and cash withdrawals.
  • Data analysis: Analysis and display of equipment usage and revenue data.
  • Just focus on your business logic and leave the networking matters to USRIOT

Customer Service & Support

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