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Application | Intelligent parking: How to Make the use of Your Parking IoT?

Application | Intelligent parking: How to Make the use of Your Parking IoT?



It is common for us to spending 2 hours in finding a place to park for 5 minutes, but is it really reasonable?

As time goes by, the experience of parking has gone from bad to worse, so that vehicle owners feel it hard to bear and operators come to worry. Thus, it is the high time to make some changes to solve the problem of traditional parking lots.


Problems of traditional parking lots:

1.Complicated layout of lines, difficulty in construction, and long circle

2.Inflexibility and high cost of reconstruction

3.Single management model and high dependency of staffs


Shanghai Wenheng Technology, a subsidy of USRIOT, has put forward the “LoRa intelligent parking networking transmission application case”, which can help the parking lot operators to solve the difficulty effectively.


LoRa intelligent parking networking transmission

Case Explanation

1.Operators can pose geomagnetic sensors in the parking place to identify the using/vacant state of the place through reading data.

2.The parking place can transfer data through LoRa module WH-L101 to LoRa concentrator USR-LG2200, and then the concentrator will report the data to the Cloud USR platform.

The merits of using module and concentrator in set is that the concentrator is equipped with USR private protocol to facilitate the work of Ad-Hoc network, and the set model of module+concentrator can simplify the complicated operation steps for users, so that users can accomplish rapid and transparent data transmission between the sensor and the processor.

3.Cloud platform can issue the information of parking place in real time through display scree, APP and other forms, so that vehicle owners can know the number of remaining parking place in the parking lot in advance.


Merits shown in the case

merits shown in LoRa intelligent parking


Introduction of products and services

introduction of LoRa intelligent parking and services


LoRa module + LoRa concentrator 

LoRa star module WH-L101-L-C can work with LoRa wireless gateway USR-LG220-L to provide two working modes: initiate to report and negatively polling.

1.In the mode of initiating to report, LoRa module initiate to acquire data from the device of user regularly in order, and then report to the concentrator, so as to facilitate the managers to check the information of parking place anytime;

2.In the mode of negatively polling, users can set 16 commands amost through concentrator to check multiple information of the same module; concentrator can poll nodes through user-defined commands with no need to issue the command to the server, so as to save the data flow of network.

Two working modes above don’t require users to make other complicated operations, and USRIOT can provide you with easy and rapid transparent protocol transmission of data.


Service extension


1.The case can help users to fulfill data transparent, whilst accomplishing the service and function of cloud platform.

2.Users can monitor in distance through Cloud USR platform  in a rapid mannerwith no requirement of coding, so as to realize second-time development in an easy way; cloud state function can be used to imitate the change of parking place in the parking lot, which can facilitate the concentration and analysis of operational data at the later stage.


More applications

  • Intelligent meter

Distance communication, low operation and maintenance cost; low power dissipation mode, long working endurance


  • Smog sensor

Low power dissipation, low cost of maintenance; no need to laying cables, convenient construction


  • Smart agriculture

 Unauthorized frequency spectrum, low cost; security and reliability, convenient data transmission



  • Rubbish monitoring

 Real-time monitoring, enhanced efficiency; auto-alarming for over-filled rubbish


more applications of LoRa intelligent parking,intelligent meter, smog sensor, smart agriculture, rubbish monitoring


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Industrial LoRa Gateways
Industrial LoRa gateways USR-LG220 support MQTT/Socket cloud transmission protocol and adopted low-interference TDM technology.

● Not LoRaWan protocol (USRIOT private protocol)
● Multiple modes provide wide application field
● Adopt TDM technology which has low interference
● Support MQTT/Socket cloud transmission protocol

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