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Cloud inhabits an important role in IOT era. As for a company, whether public cloud or private cloud, only the one which can meet the need of business is the best.

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However, there are already many public clouds on the current market, so there will be certain worries or risks to deploy the core business on the public cloud. As such, some companies come to turn to private deployment.

Private deployment is a software system to facilitate the exclusive deployment of users, which can provide best guarantee in data privacy, individual customized service, work efficiency promotion, etc. will be taken as an instance to explain convenience that private deployment will bring to companies. is a cloud platform of Shandong USRIOT Technology Co., Ltd, which is mainly used to collect and monitor data and fulfill fast and transparent transmission of data and distance control. function

1. Industrial protocol: fast access to Modbus protocol device

2.  Historical data: curve and statement

3. Alarming report: email, message

4. Open API: provide the original code of SDK and Demo has been widely used in applications such as industrial PLC, QR payment, distance monitoring, vehicle networking, intelligent household, environmental monitoring, intelligent fire prevention, power monitoring and collection, intelligent charger, intelligent agriculture, etc. private deployment can provide users with:

 1.Private data to ensure the security of information

Private deployment can ensure data and information are grasped in the hands of users with no external interfere, and it can also avoid the incompatibility to public cloud.

 2.Individual customization to meet the need of projects

Private deployment enjoys flexible approaches and convenient usage. It can be handed to users to use directly after development, with no other complicated process, so that users can access to the backstage rapidly.

If users need overall resolution when processing projects, private deployment can provide one-stop service with both software and hardware at once, to meet the demand of clients to the maximum and ensure the regular process of the project.

3.Improve the work efficiency



As for the demand of project, software development is more time and effort consuming than hardware purchase. private deployment help clients to save the development process to fulfill systematic work rapidly, which can largely improve the work efficiency. private deployment

USRIOT is a network-oriented server of industrial IOT hardware and software resolution. If you need “software + hardware” service in set, can provide you a one-stop resolution.


If you have hardware and need safe, reliable and stable private deployment resolution, can also provide you with private deployment service.

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