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Application Cases: Industrial 4G modem Makes Networking Transmission of Chargers More Intelligent

Application Cases: Industrial 4G modem Makes Networking Transmission of Chargers More Intelligent



Industrial background

Compared with traditional vehicles, new energy vehicles are more in line with the philosophy of sustainable development, and it has been booming over recent years. However, the difficulty in the deployment of chargers is also posing a barrier to the promotion of new energy vehicle in a wider range.


Industrial situation and analysis

Currently, the major problems confronted when deploying chargers are:

1.Disperse distribution of chargers leads to inconvenience in the use and management


 2.There is no personnel on duty, unable to make real-time reliable control over the devices


 Targeted at the problems met in the reality, industrial 4G modem is taken as an example to explain how to access chargers into network to manage in a unified way, thus monitoring terminal devices in distance.

 Industrial 4G modem Makes Networking Transmission


Case explanation

 1.Insert industrial 4G modem USR-G781 into charger and then contact control system to provide 4G networking function to the device


 2.Transmit data generated in the operation of devices through industrial 4G modem to backward management system to facilitate staffs to monitor in distance


 3.Staffs can check the location of devices and understand the operation situation of devices through management system; in the meantime, multiple operations such as data analysis and flow statistics can be carried out targeted at the specific situation of each device.



Strengthen of case

1.Fast and stable access: 4G networking to ensure the charger to work normally around the clock with stable signal for transmission.


2.With no need for line layout: 4G modem can contact the network signal of operators directly to save the cost of layout worry-free from the trouble of mass construction.


3.Transmission in large scale: transmission through 4G signal to meet operators’ demand for real-time and dynamic monitoring over terminal devices, able to upload mass data fast and stably.


4.Reduce the number of inspection personnel: position the fault quickly and make maintenance, so as to lower the expenditure effectively.


More applications

more applications of  4g modem

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USR-G781 is an industrial cellular modem router, which provides a serial to cellular networking solution. Provide Serial and Ethernet Connectivity to PLC, RTU, Data Loggers,Wireless SCADA applications and IP Cameras at Remote Sites.
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● Supports 2 10/100Base-T(X) self-adaptive Ethernet interface and 1RS485 port
● Hardware watchdog ,rugged metal casing and wall mounting
● 2 RJ45 port, one can be WAN or LAN port and another one can be LAN port
● Support VPN(PPTP) client
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