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FAQs of Industrial 4G Routers

FAQs of Industrial 4G Routers


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         Q: How to use DDNS of industrial 4G routers?

         A: DDNS must used with IP of public network.


        Q: How does industrial 4G Router fulfill WAN distance desktop?

        A: 806 IP is the internal network IP allocated by operator. Therefore, it cannot be accessed by external network, and it can only be communicated when there is virtual LAN established by APN or VPN.


        Q: How to solve unset 4G IP?

        A: You may set IP connected to industrial 4G router to be static IP instead of dynamic IP. 


        Q: LAN of computer connected to industrial 4G router cannot access network, but it can access network when connecting WIFI. How to handle it?

        A: If computer can access network when connecting WIFI, it means that LAN  connected by computer can be used directly. Its factory setting is also dynamic IP allocation, so they have similar function, only with more lan ports.


       Q: How to access internal network server from external network through industrial 4G router?

       A: You need to check whether it has connect public network IP. If it has connected public network, you can access internal network from external network through Stacked CMOS. You may refer to for specific operation.


      Q: How to set industrial 4G router to reduce the data flow consumed by itself?

      A: The latest version USR-G806 has optimized the data flow consumption, with only 1 M per day. You may close NTP service to further reduce the consumption.


     Q: When industrial 4G router fails to set up VPN, how to handle it?

     A: First, you need to make sure whether VPN server is available to the protocol supported by industrial router. I fir meets the protocol, you may:

      (1)Tunnel IP of VPN server should not be conflicted with that of user end. You may designate an independent IP.

      (2)When filling IP of user end, you may fill the range of IP together;

      (3)When filling local user management, you may separate user name and password with *.

      (4)You need to fill public network IP or the domain name on the router as server IP or domain name.

      (5) Distance subnet IP and subnet mask should be filled as the IP or mask of subnet at the sever end. 


        Q: Industrial 4G router may have incomplete starting and showing code on login page after being turned on or off for times. How to handle it?

        A: You may clear the cache.


        Q: How to shift industrial 4G router to 4G?

        A: You may default to using ethernet. The router has internal checking system. Therefore, it will shift to 4G automatically when it cannot access external network, and it will shift back to ethernet when accessible.