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GM3 Transparent Transmission

GM3 Transparent Transmission


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 1.Plug in the SIM card. Connect the 5V adapter , serial cable and the antenna to the module. The work LED is blinking, that indicate the module is working. The GPRS LED is on, that indicate the module has linked to the GPRS network.


GM3 Transparent Transmission-Plug in the SIM card

Figure 1 connection



2.Open the software USR-GM3-V1.1.3.61.

GM3 Transparent Transmission 2.png

Figure 2 Setting software


3.Choose the COM port ,Baudrate and serial port parameter. Open the serial port.

GM3 Transparent Transmission-Choose the COM port ,Baudrate and serial port parameter

4.Configure the APN setting.

GM3 Transparent Transmission-Configure the APN setting


Figure 4


5.Click the get all Parameters. You can see the parameters in the red block. 


GM3 Transparent Transmission-Click the get all Parameters

Figure 5



6.Configure module parameters. We use network transmission mode. And use the website might be not available for foreign country.). After we configure the module, click the set save all parameters. then restart module

GM3 Transparent Transmission-configure module parameters

Figure 6  


7.Our test server will return the same data which you send. We send the And the server return the same data.


GM3 Transparent Transmission-configure test server

Figure 7