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Upgrade Firmware of 4G LTE Modem-USR-G781

Upgrade Firmware of 4G LTE Modem-USR-G781


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 USR-G781-4G LTE Modem image


File version: V1.0.01

Jinan USR IOT Technology Co., Ltd.


Connect PC to G781(industrial modem) LAN interface and power G781(industrial modem). And you need download a Xshell 5 software.

Note: Please keep connection between PC and G781 and keep powering G781(industrial modem). Otherwise the upgrading process will unsuccessfully and G781(industrial modem) can’t be recover.



1. Run software tftpd32.exe, set current directory.

USR-G781-upgrade firmware- how to upgrade


2.Run Xshell 5, establish a new session with telnet protocol, name 781, host, port number 2211. Then choose connect.

USR-G781-upgrade firmware-run Xshell

USR-G781-upgrade firmware- set xshell



3.Enter user name and password, all root.(enter carriage return)

USR-G781-upgrade firmware-  set xshell-enter user name and password

4. Send commands successively:

tftp -g -r vmlinux.ub

tftp -g -r G781_V1.1.05.jffs2

flash_eraseall /dev/mtd2

flash_eraseall /dev/mtd3

dd if=vmlinux.ub of=/dev/mtd2

dd if=G781_V1.1.05.jffs2 of=/dev/mtd3

USR-G781-upgrade firmware- send commands

  1. off the module and power on again to restart module.