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WIFI Series Joins Router

WIFI Series Joins Router


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 WIFI Series Joins Router

1. join the net

WIFI Series Joins Router, Join the net

WIFI Series Joins Router, the link light turn up

The Link light turn up.

2. Quick setting

Input””on the web page, set STA mode, then let WIFI-Mode join router.

Save and reload.

WIFI Series Joins Router, quick setting

WIFI Series Joins Router, quick setting

3. Common setting

WIFI Series Joins Router, common setting

4. Set SSID and security mode

WIFI Series Joins Router, set SSID and secuirty mode

5. Search AP

WIFI Series Joins Router, search AP

6. Set module network parameters

WIFI Series Joins Router, set module network parameters

7. Reload

You can reload by cut off power ,too.

WIFI Series Joins Router, reload

8. Examination results

Using serial port AT instruction mode to query module IP

WIFI Series Joins Router, examination results

9. Serial port and network communication

Serial port connects computer serial port, computer connects LAN. Modules join LAN.

The serial port data is sent to the network terminal, and the network terminal sends data to the serial port.

WIFI Series Joins Router, serial port and network communication

Open “V-COM.exe”. add new v-com.

WIFI Series Joins Router, open v-com.exe

Open two “USR-TCP232-Test.exe”

One open COM11, another open COM1.

WIFI Series Joins Router, open two USR-TCP232-Test.exe

10. Matters needing attention

The address LAN port address of the wireless router connected in STA mode of the module can not be in one network segment with the address of the LAN port of the WIFI module.

The static IP of the module wireless terminal must be connected to the router IP of the module.

WIFI series joins router, matters needing attention

The LAN port IP is AP mode IP: LAN parameter IP is

WIFI series joins router, the LAN port IP is AP mode IP

LAN parameters IP and LAN port can’t be in a network segment.