PUSRis steadfastly doing things.
A trustworthy smart IIoT partner
If you:
keep honest, study and think diligently, keep earnest and innovative
pursue excellence, and dare to assume responsibility and to think and act
Brave the challenge of the emerging industry As the third tide of global IT application - IoT age arrives, China has become the world’s largest market for the IoT industry. In this situation, industrial Internet is included in national key projects and key directions for infrastructure construction.
All-round cultivation for fast growth of staff 0-3 months: One-to-one professional and general skill training by instructors
3-6 months: Internal job rotation, outward development, summary and defense
6-12 months: Independently take on work, and learn growth through work.
C#开发工程师(校招) 工作地点:
嵌入式测试工程师(校招) 工作地点:
嵌入式硬件工程师(校招) 工作地点:
嵌入式软件工程师(校招) 工作地点:
嵌入式Linux工程师(校招) 工作地点:
市场营销专员(校招) 工作地点:安徽省/芜湖市/弋江区
外贸销售工程师(校招) 工作地点:
技术型管培生(校招) 工作地点:
嵌入式linux工程师 工作地点:
嵌入式linux工程师 工作地点:
Employee benefits
Hearty expression beyond salary

Annual salary of 13 months, performance bonus, salary adjustment every year;
Activity organization, annual travel, periodic physical examination, and benefit for registered permanent residence;
Team building fund, cash gifts for festivals, bonus for seasons, bonus for talent judges;
Five social insurance types and one housing fund, paid annual leave, benefits leave, and overtime subsidy. 

Challenge ourselves, and fulfill dreams Common development of specialty vs management; grassroots staff and senior/executives for you to choose.