USR-M300 High Performance Edge IoT Gateway Powerful Edge Computing, Expandable IO Modules, GPS,Node-Red The USR-M300 is an industrial-grade edge computing IoT device with modular
design, so users can expand IO as needed. This device comes with powerful
edge computing capabilities, which can reduce cloud-end computing resources,
and reoport data to Cloud platform actively. It can access the Internet via
Ethernet port, ADSL and LTE cat4 cellular network to achieve easy network deployment.
Rich and Highly Reliable Connectivity
  • Multiple Internet access methods is offered: Global frequency LTE 4G/3G
    & Ethernet port & ADSL.
  • Router fucntion is supported: Routing, VPN and firewall.
Ordering Guide PUSR offers two sub-model products for selection. Customers can choose the model according to the actual application scenarios.
Super Powerful Edge Computing Capabilities
  • Powerful Chipset: Dual-core professeor, the main frequency is up to 1.2GHz, Linux system.
  • Parallel Acquisition: Actively collect data from serial ports, network ports, and I/O devices at the same time, with up to 2000 data collection points.
  • Flexible Reporting: Users can set reporting conditions and select reporting channels based on your requirements.
  • Alarm Function: Discover exceptions on the gateway in real time, so that users can fix the exceptions quickly to avoid economic losses.
Support Custom Self-Development Support graphical programming (Node-RED) to quickly develop edge computing functions to meet unique functional requirements.
Modbus Gateway Suitable for a variety of industrial IoT scenarios, supporting Modbus RTU/TCP protocol conversion and other popular PLC common protocols.
Modular IO Gateway, Easy to Extend Modular design, uses can expand different types of IO modules: DI, DO, AI, AO, IO.
Easily slide to achieve quick access to the IO expansion machine, to meet the needs of more scenarios.
Industrial Design, Easy Installaton
  • Level 3 EMC protection, IEC6000.
  • Wide power input range: DC12~24V.
  • Wide operating temperature: -25~75℃.
  • Installation: Wall mounting & Din-rail mounting.
Support Quick Access to Mainstream
Cloud Platform Services
Supports quick access to PUSR Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and AWS.
Supports standard MQTT and TCP protocols.
It can also quickly connect to public cloud platforms such as ThingsBoard and Azure.
Dimentions and Interfaces
  • Serial Ports: 1*RS232/485, 1*RS485.
  • Ethernet Ports: 1*WAN/LAN, 1*LAN.
  • IO: 2*DI, 2*DO, 2*AI(Current).
  • Power Supply: DC 9~36V.
  • Antenna: SMA-female.
  • Reload: In the case of forgetting the parameters, long press to restore the factory settings.