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Pusr Cloud, a cloudplatform for the Internet of Things Zero programming comes with its own Internet of Things system.
+ Private Cloud project
Data localization
Business personalization
+ Public Cloud registered
80% functions are free
White-labeling for VIP
KingView-A SCADA Software With 25+ Years Of Development History Nice Graphics display to monitor and Control Production flow System.
+ Development History
Data Collection, Analysis &
+ respond within 1
Perfect Alarm Monitoring &
PCB Design —— ODM/EMS We provide one-stop turnkey design service to help customers with the delivery of an out-of-the-box hardware platform that is fully tested and ready to use upon delivery.
+ years of experience
11 high-speed SMT
10 million pcs daily
+ Private Cloud project
ISO9001 cert.
Intelligent MES
We support express cabinets in running soundly 200,000 times every day.
We guarantee the fire safety for 100,000 residents every day.
We allow 560,000 residents to have access to intelligent water and electricity every day.
In the field of energy management, we have helped over 200 enterprises save energy and reduce carbon emissions by 340,000 tons.
In the field of device operation and maintenance, we have been managing over 10m units, thus saving the cost of device operation and maintenance by RMB 2.3B.
In the field of sewage treatment, we have treated 1.46m tons of waste water, contributing to the water safety of urban and rural residents.
In the field of industrial data collection, we have collected data for over 1,000 enterprises, and have assisted 115 enterprises in completing their environmental protection rating.
In the field of the IT application to high-standard farmland, we have served 6666 square  kms of farmland, and ensure that food yield exceeds 50M kg.
Our serial port servers contributed to the light show of Daming Lake.
We have financially aided 10 poor students for 10 years running.

Sustainable development
Actively responding to the sustainable development goals of the state, PUSR IoT, when offering innovative products and services, penetrate the management concept of sustainable development in every respect of business operation. On the basis of the princi
Stability and reliability strengthen the foundation. After 10 years of operation in the industry, our rigorous quality management system lays a foundation for building trustworthy smart IIoT devices. Our services cover over 100,000 customers. Connecting to over 10M terminals, PUSR IoT is your trustworthy smart IIoT partner.
Earnestness and innovation
Steadfastly do things, make continuous innovations, and build a green, intelligent world together. Continuously strengthening our innovation capacity, we will seize the opportunity offered by the IoT age featured with digitalized and intelligent development of industries and the low-carbon development of human society, and contribute to sustainable development of science and technology.
Connection value
Raise social productivity, optimize resources and reduce costs by using IoT. IoT aims essentially to add the intelligence value from terminals to central terminals and central offices to connections between things, between humans and things and between humans. Thus, the sustainable development that aligns with ecology-oriented social value can be achieved.
Common growth
We uphold “emphasis on interest and rules on the basis of integrity”. We aim to grow with our partners, achieve mutually beneficial outcomes and strictly abide by cooperation rules that should be formulated to protect the interests of partners and uphold integrity in terms of process and mechanism.
Public welfare charity
Poverty Alleviation and Farmer Assistance To aid farmers and overcome difficulties, we launched the assistance and support activity entitled “Our Hearts Stay with West Hunan & Love Collision”.
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Science and Technology Competition for College Students This activity aimed to stimulate the innovativeness and creativity of young people, promote the innovation and business startups, and help college students realize their dreams.
Philanthropic Education Aid We organized the activity entitled “caring for students and helping them grow happily” to contribute to this education aid cause.
Staff Care
Quarterly Team Building of the Marketing Center
Half-yearly Team Building of Staff of the Marketing Center
Team Building of the Marketing Center during a Journey to Qufu
Staff Spend International Children's Day
Industrial loT Gateways Ranked First in China by Online Sales for Seven Consecutive Years **Data from China's Industrial IoT Gateways Market Research in 2023 by Frost & Sullivan
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