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PCB Design —— ODM/EMS We provide one-stop turnkey design service to help customers with the delivery of an out-of-the-box hardware platform that is fully tested and ready to use upon delivery.
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5G/WiFI6 CPE Router/CPE series includes a variety of products, such as the 5G router, the serial server, the port forwarding server, etc., which are suitable for different scenarios such as home, commercial and industrial.
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    5G/WiFI6 CPE
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PRODUCT FEATURES PUSR's 5G CPE series, leveraging powerful 5G network connectivity, achieves high-speed and low-latency data transmission, ensuring smooth and stable real-time communication. With the advent of the IoT era, the PUSR's 5G CPE series of IoT devices provides communication services for remote applications, small and medium-sized enterprises, mobile travelers, and other directions, aiming to achieve rapid networking and secure data transmission. This series enables cost reduction and efficiency enhancement for traditional projects, powering their future development.
Fast speed
Supports 200MHz bandwidth and carrier aggregation technology, significantly boosting theoretical peak upload and download speeds, enabling video downloads in seconds.
Efficient Cooling
Built-in radiator for faster and more efficient heat dissipation. The fan adjusts its speed based on detected temperature, ensuring efficient cooling and long-term stable performance.
The 5G CPE utilizes multi-antenna technology to resist external interference and maintain stable signal transmission. Its low-power design effectively extends its lifespan.
The CPE's powerful signal ensures high transmission efficiency. As the 5G CPE is less dependent on wires, using these routers definitely reduces spatial clutter and setup complexity.
PUSR's 5G CPE solutions integrates IoT device and cloud platform to systematically realize all connections, fast networking
5G Cellular Technology 5G Cellular technology will significantly expand the upper and lower limits as well as the depth of the Industrial Internet of Things, satisfying the demands of high-performance equipment, being compatible with the needs of previous generations of devices, and further enhancing the processes of related production and handling.
Wi-Fi 6 Wireless Technology The value of WiFi 6 lies in its significantly improved network speed, support for more devices to connect simultaneously, and a marked reduction in network latency. At the same time, it enhances network security and energy efficiency, providing a smoother and safer network experience for modern life and work. It is especially suitable for application scenarios such as smart homes and the Internet of Things.
Fixed Wireless Access Fixed Wireless Access utilizes 5G technology to provide high-speed broadband connections for homes and businesses. It offers not only high speeds but also low costs and ease of deployment. It can optimize unused spectrum and improve return on investment through remote monitoring.
Why choose pusr
What can PUSR do for you? The pioneer of this industrial evolution, with "fast networking and stable transmission for you to create a key application of secure data communication".
Ready to do smart ecological networking? PUSR provides networking services for industrial, commercial and mobile transportation, and realizes the application solution of software and hardware integration. You focus on the logic of your project, handing over the key links of networking to PUSR.
Need deployment and planning support? PUSR has rich experience in R&D and application in the field of networking, not only limited to 4G Cellular Routers and 5G Cellular Routers networking, but also includes Ethernet, lte cat 4 Modem,lte cat 1 Modem, Wi-Fi, LoRa, Bluetooth, I/O and other networking methods. And provide configuration, programming, deployment, and customization services when needed.
Reliable Products PUSR IoT Devices have passed quality system certification. Reliable products are the core of PUSR and the key to its rapid development.
Focus on Security The PUSR 5G CPE is equipped with a software and hardware protection system to prevent malicious attacks and keep your connection secure at all times.
Technical Service You can email our technical support team at any time with questions. PUSR provides 5G CPE technical support globally to ensure the stable operation of your project.
Brand strength With our own factory, multiple global certifications, and the trust and support of customers in over 40 countries, we can provide excellent technology for networking applications.
COLLABORATE WITH PUSR TO PROVIDE UNBREAKABLE WIRELESS NETWORK ! PUSR keeps pace with The Times, provides ecological networking services, quickly and safely realizes industrial networking applications !
  • Remote Applications The application of 5G CPE in remote work lies in its role as a 5G terminal device, receiving and converting 5G signals from carrier base stations into WiFi or wired signals. This provides a stable and high-speed network connection for remote offices, ensuring efficient and reliable data transmission, thereby optimizing the remote work experience.
  • Business Applications In small and medium-sized enterprises, 5G CPE provides powerful network support for office work, production, and data analysis with its high-speed and stable network connection and strong device access capabilities. This helps SMEs achieve digital transformation and business upgrades, improving overall operational efficiency.
  • Mobile Transportation The application of 5G CPE in mobile travel is reflected in its portability and high-speed, stable network connection capabilities. Travelers can carry it with them and access the 5G network anytime, anywhere, enjoying a high-speed internet experience. This greatly enhances the convenience and comfort of travel, allowing travelers to easily search for travel information and share travel photos.
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