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PCB Design —— ODM/EMS We provide one-stop turnkey design service to help customers with the delivery of an out-of-the-box hardware platform that is fully tested and ready to use upon delivery.
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11 high-speed SMT
10 million pcs daily
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AC Controller/ Wireless AP The commercial wireless AP series has also derived the products that support 5G NR, which are equipped with a 5G Sub-6GHz M.2 module designed for IoT/eMBB applications.
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    AC Controller/ Wireless AP
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PRODUCT FEATURES PUSR's AC CONTROLLER/WIRELESS AP series wireless networking technology enables the coverage and expansion of wireless networks, providing stable and high-speed data transmission channels. With the advent of the IoT era, the IoT devices of the PUSR AC CONTROLLER/WIRELESS AP series provide communication services for enterprises, shopping malls, schools and education, hotels, restaurants, and other directions. They can effectively control the access of wireless terminal devices, enhance the security and reliability of the network, achieve cost reduction and efficiency enhancement for traditional projects, and empower their future development.
High Speed
WIRELESS AP, based on the IEEE802.11ax standard, offers WiFi6 wireless AP speeds of up to 1800Mbps or even 3000Mbps, meeting users' demands for high-speed data transmission of large files and video streams.
Wide Coverage
By increasing the number of WIRELESS APs and their rational layout, the coverage area of the wireless network can be expanded, enabling more wireless devices to access the network.
It supports multiple wireless standards and protocols, enabling compatibility with wireless devices of different brands and models, facilitating user usage in various scenarios.
WIRELESS AP features encryption, authentication, access control, and other functions to protect the wireless network from unauthorized access and attacks. It can also monitor and analyze network traffic, promptly discovering potential security threats.
PUSR's AC CONTROLLER/WIRELESS AP solutions integrates IoT device and cloud platform to systematically realize all connections, fast networking
High-speed Wireless Communication The primary feature of high-speed wireless communication technology lies in its extremely high data transmission rate. This is achieved through advanced modulation techniques and efficient coding schemes, enabling rapid data transmission in a short period of time and meeting the demands for large-capacity and high-speed data transmission.
Network Security Technology The industrial Internet of Things (IoT) faces increasingly complex network security threats, making network security technology particularly crucial. Wireless bridges serve as a critical link in connecting industrial IoT devices, and their security directly impacts the overall network security.
Edge Computing Technology Edge computing technology shifts some data processing and analysis tasks to the edge of the network, reducing data transmission delays and improving real-time performance. Through wireless bridges, edge computing nodes can collaborate with the cloud or other devices to jointly complete data processing and analysis tasks.
Why choose pusr
What can PUSR do for you? The pioneer of this industrial evolution, with "fast networking and stable transmission for you to create a key application of secure data communication".
Ready to do smart ecological networking? PUSR provides networking services for industrial, commercial and mobile transportation, and realizes the application solution of software and hardware integration. You focus on the logic of your project, handing over the key links of networking to PUSR.
Need deployment and planning support? PUSR has rich experience in R&D and application in the field of networking, not only limited to 4G Cellular Routers and 5G Cellular Routers networking, but also includes Ethernet, lte cat 4 Modem,lte cat 1 Modem, Wi-Fi, LoRa, Bluetooth, I/O and other networking methods. And provide configuration, programming, deployment, and customization services when needed.
Reliable Products PUSR IoT Devices have passed quality system certification. Reliable products are the core of PUSR and the key to its rapid development.
Emphasis on Security PUSR's AC CONTROLLER/WIRELESS AP is equipped with a software and hardware protection system to prevent malicious attacks and ensure the safety of your networking.
Technical Service You can email our technical support team at any time with your questions, and PUSR will provide AC CONTROLLER/ WIRELESS AP technical support globally to ensure the stable operation.
Brand Strength With our own factory, multiple global certifications, and the trust and support of customers in over 40 countries, we can provide excellent technology for networking applications.
COLLABORATE WITH PUSR TO PROVIDE UNBREAKABLE WIRELESS NETWORK ! PUSR keeps pace with The Times, provides ecological networking services, quickly and safely realizes industrial networking applications !
  • Enterprise Environment The AC CONTROLLER centrally manages and controls the wireless network, ensuring unified deployment of network strategies and security, while the WIRELESS AP provides wireless access services, covering office areas and meeting employees' anytime, anywhere online needs. Together, they create a stable, efficient, and secure wireless network environment for enterprises.
  • Shopping Mall Environment The AC CONTROLLER centrally manages and controls the wireless network in the mall, ensuring extensive coverage and stable signals. The WIRELESS APs are distributed throughout the mall, providing wireless access to meet the online needs of customers and employees. Both components contribute to enhancing customers' shopping experience and optimizing mall operation management.
  • Hotel and Restaurant Environment The AC CONTROLLER ensures network security and stability through centralized management and control, while WIRELESS APs are distributed in every corner of the hotel restaurant, providing a smooth online experience for guests. This not only enhances guest satisfaction but also boosts the service competitiveness of the hotel restaurant.
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