KingView(PUSR)-Monitor and Control Software A platform for building iot systems Welcome to KingView(PUSR) Monitor and Control Software, a robust Windows-based SCADA platform designed to seamlessly connect with a diverse range of devices, including PLCs, RTUs, OPC, Smart Meters, IO Modules, and more. Through specialized communication protocols, KingView(PUSR) ensures efficient data collection and monitoring capabilities. Our software provides both essential and advanced industry-standard functions, empowering users to develop SCADA applications that adhere to industry norms and elevate operational efficiency.
SCADA Graphics & Animation Rich Animation and Graphics
  • KingView offers easy to use development environment with rich graphics wizards and toolbox for building monitoring applications.
  • Rich UI control and animation features.
  • Easy import of import external 2D images/SVG/3D images. Support Symbol Factory images .
  • Support E-charts(HTML-based charts).
  • Support import of AutoCad dwg drawing.
Mobile Client & Web Client Remote Monitoring via Phone and PC Browsers
  • Use our lightweight mobile app KingMobile on the phones to view real-time data, alarm and historical data.
  • KingMobile supports trend, real-time alarms, bar charts, and pie chart.
  • KingMobile supports multiple users’ login, max: 200 users.
  • Securely publish the SCADA project to internet; Access webserver to monitor through a static public IP or static URL from webclient such as Microsoft Edge/Internet anywhere over secured HTTP.
  • Web Client supports multiple users’ login, max: 100 users.
Data Acquisition Powerfu Data Acquisition Capabilities
  • More than 4,000 device drivers such as Siemens, ABB, AB, Rockwell, Mitsubishi, Delta, Fatek, Hitachi, Panasonic, Modicon, Omoron, Yokogawa, LG, BECKHOFF etc.
  • Supports communication with multiple drivers with multiple protocol.
  • Various industry standard communication serial and ethernet protocols such as ModbusTCP/RTU/ASCII, IEC101/102/104, DNP3, BackNet etc, including GPRS communication.
  • Supports MQTT, OPC UA/DA, HTTP(s) Server, WebServices, and C#/C++ API for data forwarding and third-party integrations.
MQTT & OPC UA Cross Platform Data Collection and Forwarding
  • Use MQTT TCP/IP driver within KingView(PUSR) to publish/subscribe the collected data to/from both local and public brokers such as Mosquitto, HiveMQ, EMQX, etc., using the JSON format.
  • Built-in OPC UA Server and UA Client within KingView(PUSR) provide seamless interoperability across diverse industrial systems for data collection and monitoring.
Network Structure: Flexible Deployment Architecture
  • Versatile network architecture that supports multiple network deployment configurations such as Standalone, Client-Server(C/S), Browser-Server(B/S).
  • Supports total redundancy scheme such as dual-device, dual machine master-salve and dual network (LAN) redundancy, maximizing system reliability and accessibility.