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[Specification] Specification of Cellular Routers USR-G805 Sep  15, 2021
[Specification] Specification of Cellular Routers USR-G805

Sep  15, 2021

Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
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USR-G805 is a very small and economical 4G industrial cellular router. It integrates 4G LTE, Ethernet port and VPN technology. It uses 4G Cat 4 Qualcomm solution module, and embeds a CPU with a working frequency up to 1GHz, provides reliable, secure and high speed mobile connectivity with VPN supported.


The product also supports PUSR cloud platform, you can easily track your devices, enjoy better efficiency for massive deployment and preventive maintenance, reduce operational costs.


G805 is widely used in the Internet of Things industry by virtue of its advantages of economy, compact size and comprehensive functions, such as: self-service ticket vending machine, self-service vending machine, self-service lottery machine, self-service beverage machine, self-service movie ticket machine, advertising machine, shopping mall navigation terminal networking, digital signage and etc.

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