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Pusr Cloud, a cloudplatform for the Internet of Things Zero programming comes with its own Internet of Things system.
+ Private Cloud project
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Business personalization
+ Public Cloud registered
80% functions are free
White-labeling for VIP
PCB Design —— ODM/EMS We provide one-stop turnkey design service to help customers with the delivery of an out-of-the-box hardware platform that is fully tested and ready to use upon delivery.
+ years of experience
11 high-speed SMT
10 million pcs daily
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Intelligent MES
PUSR Cloud Platform No coding needed, quickly build the IoT system Dashboard, Analytics, Storage, Notification, Device and User Management Included.
Device management, data collection, processing and visualization for your IoT solution.
It has features of low cost, high efficiency, easy operation, scalability, safety and reliability.
Features Powerful but simple Industrial IoT
Powerful But Simple Industrial IoT Monitor Your Devices Easily Turn Data Into Insights Cloud HMI Trigger Timing Task Access Management
Monitoring screen:  Zero coding, easy  integration Create custom IoT dashboards to monitor your device terminal in real-time.
Customize your IoT dashboards by adding and removing drag&drop widgets.
Users can quickly build a stable and reliable IoT system on this platform,saving
time and labor costs in deployment.
Monitor Your Devices Easily Focus on your business without thinking in hadware and connectivity compatibility, PUSR is hardware and connectivity agnostic! Deploy your IoT solution for your customers and connected products in a flexible and scalable way with Pusr Cloud, the Most Simple Enterprise IoT Platform. Don’t waste time focusing on protocols, encryptions or payloads, we are experts
Turn data into insights Configure your data points and set points from Pusr Cloud for prevalent fieldbus protocols like Modbus. No software development needed. Monitor status, collect historical data, log changes and record the alarms from your fieldbus equipment. Cloud Storage: Store all the data your need in cloud. Access from anywhere.
Real-time mixed SCADA process and system visualizations Call it cloud HMI, or simply a friendlier SCADA interface, drag-n-drop dashboards offer over 20 types of widgets to build your next IoT application for Condition Monitoring, Vibration Analysis, Environmental Monitoring, Energy Management, and more. Intuitive real-time holistic visualizations of processes and systems are monitored from data points from many devices.
Trigger Alarm: 24-hour all-weather monitoring. When the alarm trigger condition is reached, the person you specify will be notified in the way you choose. Linkage: when the trigger condition is reached, the linkage command can be automatically executed, and the unattended operation can also be automatic (for example, when the equipment detects the indoor temperature is higher than a certain set value, the air conditioning refrigeration can be automatically turned on, and the air conditioning can reduce the wind speed or shut down when the temperature reaches the set range).
Timing task Timing task: regularly issue control instructions to improve the degree of automation operation
Access Management: Manage users and groups to decide who can access.
Popular Application Scenarios
Smart Factory
An interconnected, decentralized, and more transparent and efficient manufacturing process is obtained by using IoT sensors and computing systems. Pusr Cloud can handle huge flow of data from manufacturing while providing great visualizations and insights.
Farmers are moving to precision agriculture with IoT sensors in order to grow their crop yields at higher rates. Pusr Cloud make easier for users to take actions only when needed by saving time and resources.
Industrial IoT covers applications with “things” both inside and outside the factory. Smart factories using remote PLC control or automated quality control on the production floor are examples of indoor projects. Meanwhile, big equipment monitoring and remote industrial operation of oil rigs are outside projects. These solutions use smart sensors to capture data for predictive maintenance and to improve efficiency.
All stages of the energy industry can benefit from IoT sensors and smart analytics. Pusr Cloud can be used as the backbone for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and other metering systems.
Industrial loT Gateways Ranked First in China by Online Sales for Seven Consecutive Years **Data from China's Industrial IoT Gateways Market Research in 2023 by Frost & Sullivan
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