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Din Rail Cellular Modems PUSR IOT's din rail cellular modems can provide stable and reliable wireless communication network and transparent data transmission for users.
Din Rail Cellular Modems
Din Rail Cellular Modems
USR-DR504-G Din Rail RS485 Industrial cellular Modems
● DIN-Rail
● Work Mode: Transparent Mode, HTTPD Client Mode, SMS Mode
● TCP Server/Client,UDP, Modbus RTU to TCP

● RS485 to 4G modems
● EFT/Surge IEC 61000-4-5 Level 3
● ESD IEC 61000-4-2 Level 3
● Hardware watchdog
● SMS,NET,Serial AT command configuration

Product Commonality
Protection Of Industry
Adopts industrial design, 7*24 hours high load all weather reliable work, to meet the outdoor poor working environment needs.
Support level 4 ESD (static), level 3 surge (surge), level 3 EFT (electrical fast transient), internal process watchdog, and external hardware watchdog to ensure proper operation of equipment and free from interference from external environment.
Installation Method (the source of Dr. Lian)
United Doctor (DR) series is the guideway series products launched by the People Network.
Including serial to ethernet connectort, 4G Cellular Modems and other different types; It comes with a 35mm guide rail buckle, suitable for all networking scenarios.
Industrial Protection
Adopts industrial design, 7*24 hours high load all weather reliable work, to meet the outdoor poor working environment needs.
supports Level 4 ESD (Static), level 3 Surge (Surge),level 3 EFT(Electrical Fast Transients),internal process watchdog and external hardware watchdog, to ensure normal operation of the equipment and immunity from the outside environment interference.
Data Penetration
Lianbo series products, no matter serial to ethernet connector or Cellular Modems, are transparently transmitted networking devices.
Transparent transmission means that the original data of the serial port can be converted into TCP/IP packets for transmission without changing the original data communication content. As a result, the DTU can be connected to various user devices using serial communication without modifying the user devices.
Quality Assurance
For 10 years of advance, we have always been remaining true to the concept of reliability and stability in building our quality strength. Our products have passed the certification of the ISO9001 quality management system. With nearly 100 patents and software copyrights, we have won many certificates from authoritative bodies, such as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, CCC, CE, FCC, RoHS.
Solutions & Applications
Intelligent Remote Distribution Box Monitoring Solution The distribution box is embedded with the DTU distribution device, distribution device power module, and distribution device power supply. By leveraging the intelligent remote monitoring function, you can remotely collect the electric meter readings and implement networked transmission. In addition, with the help of electricity monitoring platform of USR Cloud, you can manage and control the electricity safety and electric energy over the cloud.
Remote intelligent meter reading In nowadays, the large number of various meters are dispersed in different locations, some of which are remote and difficult to access, a remote meter reading system is urgently needed to relieve staff of utilities from heavy but inefficient tasks.Traditionally, the utilities companies used to hire thousands of meter readers to go around to read the meter, and always spend much money on traffic and labor.
Application to Electric Fire Monitor System The cellular modem can be used in electrical fire monitoring system. In this application, we will introduce how to use industrial modem USR-G781 and industrial modem USR-DR504 in the electrical fire monitoring system.
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