APN Network Setting of Industrial Cellular Routers

What is APN? From Wikipedia,  we can learn that An Access Point Name (APN) is the name of a gateway between a GSM, GPRS, 3G or 4G mobile network and another computer network, frequently the public Internet. Usually, cellular routers with the APN function. Take USR IOT's industrial routers as example, Multi encryption transmissions can ensure the safety, such as USR-G806-E/USR-G806-AU supports VPN+APN.


People may confuse about how to set the APN? This article is the introduction of APN network setting of industrial cellular router. APN configuration by Web Server as follow:

APN configuration of industrial cellular router

APN configuration


To choose the network type, please configure the LTE configuration.

configute the LTE configuration

 LTE configuration 


If you use a normal mobile card, APN settings do not need to be concerned, plug in the card to connect to the Internet.
If you use an APN card and have a special APN address, you need to set the APN address, user name and password.

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