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High Performance WiFi Modules Work as Switch

In this switch mode, you can realize share the network via the WIFI High proformace module.As the diagram, the device 2 3 4 get the IP address from router via the B2 module.
High Performance WiFi Modules

1.Close your windows firewall and disable your Ethernet network.

2.Connect the 5V adapter, antenna and the serial cable to the modules.
High Performance WiFi Modules

3.The switch mode must use the AT command to configure. Open the software USR-TCP232-TEST.
rs232 to wifi

4.Choose the com port, com port parameters. The wifi module default is 57600 N 8 1. Then click OPEN.
High Performance WiFi Modules

5.Enter the AT command mode: send +++ , the module should return an a , after you receive the a , you should send an a to module in 3 seconds. If module return the +ok, the module enter the AT command mode.
High Performance WiFi Modules

6.Send two command to wifi module.   AT+FVER=Z AT+RELD All AT command must end by ENTER.
uart wifi modules

7.Waiting for modules READY LED on, Enter the AT command mode. Then send command to configure module connect to your router. There are five command for this step. AT+WMODE=STA AT+WSSSID=your router’s SSID  AT+WSKEY=WPA2PSK,AES,your router’s password (if your router’s encryption type is not WPA2PSK and AES, you should change these parameters)  AT+DHCPDEN=off AT+Z
High Performance WiFi Modules

8.After wifi module reset, the module can work as switch. Then you can connect your RJ45 device to the module. And you can assign the static IP on your device.

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