How do serial to Ethernet converters work?

How do serial to Ethernet converters work?

To understand the role and working principle of a serial to Ethernet converter, we must first know what a serial to Ethernet converter is. In short, a serial to Ethernet converter is a network communication interface conversion device. It can convert some of our common RS232, RS485, and RS422 serial ports into TCP/IP network interface, realize bidirectional transparent transmission of data between RS232, RS485, RS422 serial port and TCP/IP network interface. The conventional serial device can immediately have the function of TCP/IP network interface, so as to achieve the purpose of connecting the network for data communication.

The working principle of the serial to Ethernet converter makes the serial data stream transmission based on TCP/IP possible.It can connect many serial devices, and can select and process serial data stream. In this way, the traditional serial data can be sent to the popular IP channel without premature elimination of the original equipment, thereby improving the utilization rate of the existing equipment, saving investment, and simplifying the existing network. wiring complexity. The serial to Ethernet converter completes the storage control of the communication data between a connection-oriented RS232 link and a connectionless Ethernet. The system processes various data, processes the serial data stream from the serial device, and performs format conversion. Make it a data frame that can be propagated in the Ethernet; judge the data frame from the Ethernet, and convert it into serial data to deliver the response to the serial port device.

The serial to Ethernet converter can connect traditional RS-232/422/485 devices to the network immediately. Serial device networking server is like a microcomputer with CPU, real-time operating system and TCP/IP protocol, which transmits data between serial ports and network devices. Using a serial to Ethernet converter, you can access, manage and configure remote devices with your computer anywhere in the world, through a network. Make electrical equipment with only serial interface, such as POS, ATM, display screen, keyboard, card reader, card reader, switch, minicomputer, fuel dispenser, RTU, CNC machine tool, test instrument, etc., the microcomputer protection device can easily connect to Ethernet network to realize network management and remote control.

The serial to Ethernet converter provides a solution for accessing industrial equipment directly through the network. Traditional serial devices can thus be converted into Ethernet devices that can be monitored and controlled from a local area network or even the Internet. The serial to Ethernet converter of USR IOT provides different configurations and specifications to meet the needs of special applications, and has the advantages of mature technology, stability and reliability, especially the industrial-grade serial to Ethernet converter, including single serial port, dual serial port, four serial ports and eight serial ports and other different models .

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