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What is a cellular modem used for?

What is a cellular modem used for?


Cellular Modem:Simple and Reliable Data Transmission Terminal

Cellular Modem is a wireless terminal device specially used to convert serial data to IP data or IP data to serial data and transmit it through wireless communication network. It is widely used in meteorology, hydrology and water conservancy, geology and other industries.

Cellular 4G Modem refers to the use of TD-LTE or FDD-LTE 4G network for local serial data to realize two-way transparent data transmission between industrial serial devices and remote servers in an outdoor environment without network, which can also be called 4G network data transmission terminal.

The role of Cellular Modem

Cellular Modem is mainly used for data wireless transmission. It is through long-distance wireless data transmission, and the transmission objects are equipment and data centers.

Application of Cellular Modem

Power Industry

The application of Cellular Modem in the power field has a history of more than ten years. Cellular Modem has played an important role in remote meter reading, power grid monitoring, power grid intelligent power distribution and other projects. And the demand for Cellular Modem continues to rise. Due to the strong electromagnetic environment of the power industry and the regulation of industry data transmission protocols, power projects generally use Cellular Modem dedicated to power. For example, through the connection with USR-MB706, all the serial data will be sent to SCADA software via LTE CAT M1 and NB-IoT network.

Petroleum industry

With the development of oilfield industry and the continuous improvement of industrial automation, Cellular Modem is increasingly widely used in oil well remote monitoring, GPRS remote oilfield automation monitoring system, gas pipeline network monitoring system. Cellular Modem plays an important role in effectively guaranteeing the safe operation of the petroleum industry and improving the management level.

Agricultural applications

Cellular Modem is widely used in agricultural projects. Data such as water supply data, growth status data, and fertilization frequency data can be monitored, and control commands can be sent for remote control for any situation. In addition, Cellular Modem is widely used in water quality monitoring and other aspects, mainly based on its low cost, accurate and timely data collection. It effectively solves the difficulty of large-scale real-time monitoring, and realizes environmental intelligent monitoring.

In Agricultural IoT Environment Monitoring,USR-G786 can quickly upload the data collected by various sensors in an agricultural greenhouse to a remote server through LTE or GPRS network. This is convenient for the control center to monitor the environmental dynamics of greenhouse in real-time and makes timely responses.

Industrial Application

The traditional industrial field, in the face of the trend of information technology, is gradually getting rid of the rough and inefficient production mode and structure, and is changing to the direction of intelligence. The large-scale application of Cellular Modem is the opportunity for industrial intelligence. As a bridge between the serial device and the remote control center, it will feed back production information in real time, allowing the control center to make effective control, improve production efficiency and reduce costs. For example, it has a very wide range of applications in industrial weighing and industrial assembly line production.

Environmental Industry

At present, green economy is the general trend, and the environmental protection industry has broad prospects. Cellular Modem plays an important role in water quality monitoring, air quality monitoring, and sewage treatment monitoring in the environmental protection industry due to its advantages of low cost and flexible networking.

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