Connection Test of WIFI Module USR-WIFI232-T

Wifi module's default setting

Encryption mode:open, none
Network parameters:TCP, Server, 8899,
We just need to follow the parameters of the corresponding set of network communication parameters, you can make serial<-->WIFI communication, the steps are as follows:
1. open test software USR-TCP232-Test;
2.COM setting area(left)
choose COM port which has connect to the module, there is COM3, CHOOSE band tate to 115200, this is the default band rate of WIFI module, click open COM port.
3.Net setting area(right)
choose TCP client mode, server IP write, it is the WIFI default IP address, server port to 8899, it is the default port the WIFI module listen, click connect to link to the module.
Now, you can test send data between RS232 and WIFI.
COM port to WIFI:PC RS232->Module RS232-> Module WIFI ->PC WIFI,
WIFI to COM port:PC WIFI->Module WIFI->Module RS232 ->PC RS232.
serial network parameter setting and transmission test
Figure4: serial/network parameter setting and transmission test


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