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DR302 Unable to Collect Data When Contact with USR IOT Cloud

DR302 Unable to Collect Data When Contact with USR IOT Cloud


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Serial to ethernet converter USR-DR302 unable to collect data when contact with USR IOT Cloud


Setting problems:

Unable to find the serial device server USR-DR302: make sure the serial device server DR302 and computer are on the same LAN

Connect to the industrial router and select DHCP.

Registration package: Type is USR cloud, do not write wrong device number and password.


Work mode: TCP Client, IP: , port number: 15000

Click save parameter after setting.


Unit exception:

Check the power supply and confirm whether it is the supporting power supply. If not, replace the supporting power supply.

With the multimeter supply terminal, see if there is voltage, no voltage is the adapter problem.

Only the work light is not on. If other lights are normal, it may be the problem of the light.


Connection problem:

DR302 is 485 interface. RS485 cable is used.

RS 485: A contact to A, B contact to B.


USR IOT Cloud setting problems:

The template selects cloud collection MOBUS RTU

Fill in the correct slave number (equipment number)

The function code and register address corresponds to the real function code of the device.

Terminal device upload instructions should follow the MODBUS RTU format.

DR 302 serial port parameters are consistent with the terminal equipment.