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FAQ: USR-Vcom Cannot Connect to Virtual Serial Ports

We Purchased serial RS232 RS485 to WiFi converter USR-W600 from USR-IOT through

We connect the Wireless side back to it's host computer Windows, via an access point. We can ping the access point and W600, 

we have configured Virtual serial ports and can see them active in Windows. The app sees the virtual serial port and sends data to it, 

but Vcom software cannot connect to the W600, we get connection error at every attempt.
We are connecting CNC machine tools back to a host computer for data transfer and system monitoring.



1. Is the W600 now AP or STA mode? If it is AP mode, the computer needs to connect to W600 WiFi; if it is STA mode, the computer needs to connect to the same WiFi with W600.
2. Is there a TCP connection between your W600 and VCOM? One is for TCP server and the other is for TCP client. Only when a TCP connection is established can data be transmitted.

For more information about this, please click  you can refer to it. Although the devices are different, the setting method is the same.

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