How do I use a serial to Ethernet Connector?

How do I use a serial to Ethernet Connector?

The serial to Ethernet provides the serial port to network function, which can easily realize the two-way transparent transmission of data between the RS232/485/422 serial port and the TCP/IP network interface without development. The serial to Ethernet Connector enables the serial port device to have the TCP/IP network interface function immediately, connects to the network for data communication, expands the communication distance of the serial port device, and saves manpower, material resources and development time.

Many industrial and consumer devices are equipped with RS232/422/485 ports. By using RS232 to convert between Ethernet. You can access and control remote printers, barcode scanners, industrial surveillance sensors, and any other network-connected serial device from one central location.

In order to use such devices conveniently, we need to access the remote device, and the easiest way is to convert the data from the serial port to the Ethernet port, and then send it to the remote server. serial to Ethernet Connector is an electronic device or special software that converts RS232, RS485 or RS422 serial data signal into Ethernet. Software and hardware serial servers work the same way. Serial port signals are coming into the network connection and are being converted to proprietary network protocols (TCP/IP/Ethernet). To receive this connection on the remote computer, the RS232 converter does the opposite - again converts the network protocol to a serial signal.

Therefore, when using serial devices, the importance of having an RS232 serial server is obvious. Remote access to serial devices or applications can be accomplished by the following methods.

If it is not possible to physically connect a COM port peripheral to a hardware RS232 serial server, the serial to Ethernet software can be used to share the device.

The application of serial server is not limited by distance. It can connect to any number of remote COM ports from your computer, regardless of their physical location. To share serial devices to Ethernet, simply install the program on the server client and configure the connection.

With its help, you can access serial ports that support various protocols, no matter where you are physically located. No need to worry about the length of the cable connecting the serial device to the computer. Serial servers allow you to display and access serial ports converted to Ethernet as if they were on your local computer.

RS232/485 to Ethernet hardware converters are actually compact servers that connect autonomous devices with serial interface to Ethernet.

If you want to use a serial port with a network protocol, you will most likely need a special tool called an RS485 to Ethernet converter (also known as a serial server or device server). This solution is designed to convert data received from RS232/485 port to TCP/IP data. This tool enables the user to fully interact with the remote COM port without physically presenting it on the local computer.

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