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How to Connect Ethernet Module USR-GM3 to USR Cloud?

This article is to introduce how to connect Ethernet Module USR-GM3 to USR Cloud.




You need to register an account first, and then log in to this platform.



2. After logging in, add the data template :

add the data template to USR Cloud





Modbus protocol description:

Slave name: Custom name, you can fill in the serial device name

Slave address: Fill in the serial device address

Variable name: Custom name, such as temperature, humidity, DI1, DO2

Register: It is the same as the register of the configuration software. Fill in the decimal register address.

Function code 03H or 06H, starting address 0000H, register is 4 and address filling 1;

Function code 04H, starting address 000AH, register is 3, address filling 11;

Function code 01H or 05H, starting address 0002H, register is 0 and address is 3;

If the function code is 02H and the start address is 0003H, the register is 1, and the address is filled with 4.


Data format: Select the format based on the size of the numeric range and the numeric type.

Collection frequency: Select the collection frequency or choose to report actively.

Storage type: Variable storage or All storage.


3. Click Add Device, choose add by ID. Can use the default ID and password, here I changed the password to 12345678.

Enable Configuration. Then select the data template added earlier. After that click Save, the device is added.



4. Then we need to configue Ethernet module USR-GM3. Please connect the antenna of GM3 and insert the SIM card. Connect the serial port of GM3 to the computer through a serial port to USB cable, and open the serial port on the computer.





5. After the device restarts, you can see that the device is online on the cloud platform.



6. In this document, I connect the serial port of the GM3 to a computer through a serial port to USB cable for local testing.

I used a MODBUS Slave software to simulate sending data from the serial port.



7. When data is sent from the serial port of the device, you can see the data display in the cloud.







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