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How to Download USR-G806 Log?

1. Hardware connection:

Insert the SIM card, antenna, connect the power adapter, and connect the LAN port of USR-G806 to the computer through a network cable.

How to download G806 log: Hardware connection


2. Set the computer to DHCP to obtain IP automatically. If the computer originally obtained an IP address automatically, please skip this step.


3.Default LAN IP address of G806 is Enter in the browser, username and password are both "root".

 If the web page prompts 404 error or cannot be accessed, please try to change a browser to test.


4. In System--Local log interface,

Kernel log level: Support debug, info, notice,warning, error, critical, alert, emergency 8 levels. "Debug" level is the lowest and "Emergency" is the highest. Application log level, same as above.

Log(Kernel, Application, VPN) supports “View” and “Empty”.

How to download G806 log: Local log interface


5. Supports exporting log files, which are generated first and then downloaded. Do not modify the log level. After that, a compressed file will be generated,

How to download G806 log: exporting log files

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