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Industrial 4G Router complete guide

Industrial 4G Router complete guide


  1. What is the Industrial 4G Router
  2. What is the use of Industrial 4G Router?
  3. The advantages of Industrial 4G Router.
  4. How to choose an Industrial 4G Router?
  5. How does an Industrial 4G Router device work?


What is the Industrial 4G Router

The 4G industrial router is an industrial IoT high-speed router that is compatible with 4G/3G/2G networks across the board, and uses the public LTE network to provide users with wireless long-distance data transmission.

Compared with home routers, industrial routers are more secure and stable, and have a wider range of applications. In addition to the functions of home routers, the stability, large bandwidth and fast response of industrial servers Projects are facilitated.


What is the use of Industrial 4G Router?

Industrial routers have been used in industrial control, environmental monitoring, smart parking, transportation and other industries for many years.

Intelligent Parking

When the vehicle leaves, the terminal sensing device will transmit the collected license plate number information to the control center through industrial 4G router, the server will calculate the parking time and payment amount, and transmit it to the site,the driver can pay by scanning the code. Wireless networking is optional for barriers, and WAN+4G networking is optional for indoors. The whole process network is fast, the remote management is convenient, optimizes the operation cost, makes the parking management more intelligent,creates a comfortable parking experience.

IoT-based Solar Monitoring

Nowadays, solar has been widely utilized as a renewable clean energy and a large number of distributed solar power plants has been built and gone into operation. It’s critical for monitoring and management such as real-time monitoring, fault diagnosis, power prediction, active/reactive power control system and daily maintenance such as part replacement or solar panel cleaning in the distribution system.

The advantages and disadvantages of Industrial 4G Router.

Remote configuration of equipment

Supporting remote control platform. Centrally monitor, configure, upgrade, diagnose, maintain, and control a large number of devices scattered in various regions. It greatly reduces the maintenance cost of operators, integrators, equipment providers and other parties, and improves management efficiency.

Easy to deploy and implement

It is extremely convenient to realize safe, stable and reliable networking of acquisition terminals all over the place. The networking scale is large, the deployment distance is not limited, the construction period is short, and the initial investment in the budget is small, providing technical support for data wireless communication transmission.

Industrial design

High and low temperature resistance, lightning protection, anti-static, high-grade IP30 protection, can work stably in various harsh natural climates.

Better stability

Industrial 4G routers provide a highly flexible, secure and reliable solution for your industrial wireless network. Can be connected to 6V~35V wide working voltage, -20℃~70℃ wide working temperature. It supports multiple wireless configurations and applications. Customized control methods, powerful watchdog and disconnection reconnection mechanism greatly improve the reliability of the entire wireless network.

How to choose a 4G industrial router?

The following points should be paid attention to when purchasing an industrial 4g router.

Workmanship and appearance

To a large extent, the appearance and workmanship of a product can reflect a manufacturer's attitude towards the product, and the appearance of the product is also a reference standard on the one hand. At present, most of the industrial wireless routers on the market are metal shells, preferably sheet metal shells, and the protection level can reach IP30.


When choosing an industrial router, you must consider the open standard protocols supported by the industrial router. A router with an open standard protocol means a good premise for device interconnection, and the supported protocols mean that the design is flexible and effective.


Cost-effectiveness is the primary factor in choosing a 4G industrial router. The performance is mainly based on their actual needs, such as working voltage, temperature, stability and coverage, etc., and the specific engineering environment corresponds to the corresponding indicators.


The establishment of a big brand in the industry often has profound historical accumulation and technological maturity, and the quality of products and after-sales service will be greatly guaranteed. Many small brands are flooded with a large number of "copycat products".

How does a Industrial 4G Router device work?

Industrial routers are Layer 3 devices that use IP address addressing to implement end-to-end services from source IP to destination IP address. Its working principle is as follows: the router receives the data packet, extracts the target IP address and subnet mask to calculate the target network address; searches the routing table according to the target network address, and sends it to the next router according to the corresponding exit if the target network address is found; If it is not found, check if there is a default route. If there is, send it to the next router according to the exit of the default route; if it is not found, send an error ICMP packet to the source IP to indicate that the packet cannot be delivered.

Industrial 4G routing is suitable for industrial applications, and the router network access method is a network that moves through 4G. The network is also very stable.

Industrial loT Gateways Ranked First in China by Online Sales for Seven Consecutive Years **Data from China's Industrial IoT Gateways Market Research in 2023 by Frost & Sullivan
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