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Network Assistant software using WIFI external network control modules

Network Assistant software using WIFI external network control module

USR-WIFI-ABC series modules, using a mobile phone network client software control serial assistant WIFI module.

Connection requirements:

Wifi module is set to STA mode, the module is connected to the router, the router can connect to the Internet

Specific steps:

1. The module defaults to AP mode, the search USR-WIFI232-AP_xxx the SSID on your PC. PC Connection SSID module.

PC Connection SSID module

2. In the browser enter Default username and password are admin. Enter the setting interface, the module operating mode settings,

set the operating mode for the station module mode, click Apply.

3. Set the module connected to the wireless router. In the wireless terminal settings, search router to connect to the SSID,

after confirmation, enter the wireless password, click Apply. Module IP address setting is set to static IP.

Module IP address setting is set to static IP

highly integrated wifi module

4. In the port and other settings, port settings according to the user device to change settings. In the network parameter settings,

network mode is Server. The port number is 23419. Click Apply.

WIFI external network control modules

5: After the restart module connected to the router.

module connected to the router

wifi module manufacturers

6: Router Configuration: virtual server in the router, set up port mapping. Service ports and internal ports are set to 23419.

IP address IP module.

View public IP router Public IP router is

WIFI external network control modules

WIFI external network control modules

7. Phone settings:

Some open Network Assistant software. Android phones, for example: select TCP client mode. Click Add.Click Add, enter the public IP, port number.

WIFI external network control modules

serial wifi module

In the phone sends PC client software receives serial data.

In the PC serial port assistant, the mobile terminal can receive data.

PC to send and receive status

wifi uart module

Mobile phones to send and receive:

wifi uart server

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