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What are the uses of 4G industrial routers?

What are the uses of 4G industrial routers


Industrial routers are now widely used and solve communication problems in many industries. So what are the uses of industrial routers? The wireless industrial router mainly realizes the networking of equipment in the case of inconvenient to connect the network cable. The 4G industrial router is an industrial version added on the basis of the 4G router. It has a highly stable transmission function and is suitable for use in harsh outdoor environments with high temperature and cold.

Advantages of Industrial Routers

1. High stability

The high stability of industrial-grade 4G routers when transmitting and receiving data is one of its main advantages. It uses high-performance industrial-grade wireless modules and industrial-grade high-stable and high-precision components, which can make it resistant to harsh outdoor environments without interruption or loss of data transmission.

2. Fast data transmission and processing

Compared with general routers, industrial-grade 4G routers use high-performance CPU processors, so its data transmission and processing speed is several times that of general routers, which can satisfy more people to connect to the network at the same time, and the transmission distance is longer. The far coverage area is also larger.

3.With powerful functions

Compared with ordinary routers, advanced industrial-grade 4G routers have more powerful functions. For ordinary home routers, the function is simple as long as it can connect to the network normally. But for the industrial control industry, the router needs more functions to meet the normal operation. Industrial-grade 4G routers have corresponding functions to meet the needs of different fields. If other special functions are required, customized products can also be selected.


Application of Industrial Router

1.Smart Retail Terminal Solutions

Industrial routers are widely used in the field of smart retail. Selecting the industrial router networking solution can easily complete the wireless networking and remote management method of the self-service terminal.Cellular routers USR-G806 supports VPN encryption which ensures data security, is applicable to various self-service terminal scenarios such as ticket machines, community express cabinets, vending machines, etc., users are able to remotely manage equipment and reduce maintenance costs.


2.Smart Parking Solutions

In recent years, the continuous increase in the number of private cars has placed a huge burden on urban traffic management. In order to improve the level of parking lot information construction, it is imperative to optimize the existing parking lot management system for network communication.When the vehicle leaves, the terminal sensing device will transmit the collected license plate number information to the control center through industrial 4G router G806, the server will calculate the parking time and payment amount, and transmit it to the site,the driver can pay by scanning the code. Wireless networking is optional for barriers, and WAN+4G networking is optional for indoors. The whole process network is fast, the remote management is convenient, optimizes the operation cost, makes the parking management more intelligent,creates a comfortable parking experience.

3.Remote monitoring system

The remote video monitoring system has been widely used in the power line video monitoring system at the beginning. The system conducts remote real-time monitoring and monitoring of power lines, various towers of power lines, and power transmission and distribution equipment. The collected real-time monitoring image information content can be According to the 4G industrial router connection of Golden Pigeon Technology, it is transmitted to the management office. Real-time monitoring system for power line conditions to improve the lean production level of enterprise production management.

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