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IoT Gateways

Network IoT gateways, known as protocol translation gateways or mapping gateways, can perform protocol conversions to connect networks with different network protocol technologies.

IoT gateways provide the bridge between IoT devices in the field, the cloud, and user equipments such as smartphones. The IoT gateways provide a communication link between the field and the cloud, and may provide offline services and real-time control of devices in the field.

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  • CAN to Ethernet Converters | CAN Ethernet Gateways
  • CAN to Ethernet Converters | CAN Ethernet Gateways
  • 1*RS485, 2*CAN Port
    1*Ethernet,Two Socket
    RS485 to CAN, Ethernet to CAN
  • 1
  • Industrial CAN to Ethernet converters USR-CANE200 can realize data communication between CAN and network server. Integrated two CAN port and one Ethernet port,TCP/IP protocol, CAN to Ethernet converters USR-CANE200 can easily interconnect between CAN-bus and Ethernet.

    ● Increase communication distance expand CAN network
    ● CAN /Ethernet/RS485 Transfer among three networks
    ● Support two sockets to connect to two servers

  • Industrial LoRa Gateways
  • Industrial LoRa Gateways
  • USR private protocol
  • WAN*1
  • Industrial LoRa gateways USR-LG220 support MQTT/Socket cloud transmission protocol and adopted low-interference TDM technology.

    ● Not LoRaWan protocol (USRIOT private protocol)
    ● Multiple modes provide wide application field
    ● Adopt TDM technology which has low interference
    ● Support MQTT/Socket cloud transmission protocol


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