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Configuration of Serial to Ethernet Converters

serial to ethernet converters are mainly used to transfer data from serial to network and allow serial device to connect TCP/IP network. In order to  facilitate the use of serial device serve, there are some common questions and resolution of configuration of serial to ethernet converter as follows.


First is the problem of virtual serial. In the process of use virtual serial and testing on the computer cannot connect independently.

Answer: You may use the setting software equipped by factory to debug.


Second, What to do when the serial cannot configurate parameters?

Answer: Factory setting forbids serial to configurate parameter, so you need to open the page of configuration and choose allowing serial to configurate parameter.


Third, how to recover factory setting on serial to ethernet converter?

Answer: 1. Recovery through hardware: press reload on serial to ethernet converter for 5-10 seconds to recover

2. recovery through software. Set the software to recover or send commend of recovery to factory setting through network protocol

3. recovery through AT commend. Recover through commend AT+RELD after entering AT commend mode.


Fourth, fail to connect AP when configurating serial to ethernet converter through webpage.

Answer: Configurate the product parameter correctly and restart server.


Fifth, serial to ethernet converter fail to receive data after configurating virtual serial

Answer: First is to check whether the virtual serial has been configurated correctly. Second, the inconsistence of transfer speed and the speed of virtual serial program when sending data to distant device will also led to the loss of data. You may solve the problem through setting “simulated baud rate” in the virtual program.


Five problems in the configuration process of serial to ethernet converter and their resolution are explained as above.




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