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How to Use High Performance Wireless Device Servers

How to Use High Performance Wireless Device Servers


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1. Close your windows firewall and disable your Ethernet network.
Wireless Device Servers

2. Link to the module, the SSID is USR-WIFI232-AP_xxxx(xxxx is last 2 byte of MAC address)
serial device servers
rs232 to wifi

3. Open your browser, type in module’s IP (default, user name and password either is admin.
rs485 to wifi

4. You can configure module in this webpage. such as AP or STA mode, TCP or UDP, server or client and your serial port parameter. After you change the parameter, You should apply the parameters and restart the module.
serial to wifi
wifi device servers
wireless serial

5. We use the default parameters, AP mode, TCP server, IP, port 8899, baudrate 57600 8 N 1. And we use the USR-TCP232-TEST software to test to transmit the data. The software should work as TCP client. AND we can transmit data thru wifi.
wifi module

6. Then we back to the webpage, we will test the Ethernet. Open the Ethernet, and set the Ethernet work as LAN PORT. Apply and reset the module.
ethernet port

7. And we disable the wireless network, enable the Ethernet network.and we link the Ethernet wire. If you use static IP, You should change your IP in same segment with module.(IP mask Or you can obtain IP address automatically.
wireless device server
wireless serial port
rs232 to ethernet

8. Now you disable the wireless network, but you still transmit the data through the ethernet.
rs485 serial port