USR-W630s | Dual Band WiFi 5 Wireless Client Qualcomm Chip, WPA2/WPA3 Encryption, Modbus Gateway, Rich Protocol The USR-W630s is the latest dual-band WiFi 5 wireless client device released by PUSR. This device adopts Qualcomm's processor, with a high main frequency of up to 650MHz and integrated 1G DDR storage, capable of quickly and efficiently processing various functions of the product. The product integrates 2.4G & 5.8G WiFi, with a transmission rate of up to 1267Mbps, and also integrates 2*RJ45 ports(1WAN/LAN+1LAN) and 2 serial ports (1 RS232+1 485), enabling data transmission between serial ports, Ethernet ports, and WiFi. It can be well applied in scenarios such as industrial automation, smart parks, warehousing and logistics, energy detection, and smart mining.
Serial/Ethernet to Wi-Fi Converter With the help of USR-W630s, you can achieve data transmission between serial port devices, network port devices, and WiFi devices, as well as remotely monitor the operational status of field devices.
Ordering Guide USR-W630s and USR-W660 are two new industrial wireless WiFi clients recently. For the convenience of customers' choice, the picture on the left lists the main differences between the two products for reference.
Qualcomm Chip, Dual Band WiFi
  • Powerful and reliable processor to ensure the stable.
  • 5.8G & 2.4G WiFi, offering the advantages of strong anti-interference capability, high speed, and wide coverage. In an open environment, the coverage range can reach up to 400 meters.
Multiple Working Modes, Meeting Diverse Scenarioes USR-W630s provides a wealth of networking methods: AP, STA, AP+STA, AP+LAN, AP+WAN, STA+LAN, STA+WAN. And this device supports repeater and bridge mode. Through different networking methods, the data communication between the serial port device/LAN device and the remote server/LAN server can be realized, which can meet the complex network application requirements of customers.
Data Transmission Encryption, More Security
  • • Supports SSL/TLS encryption in TCP client, HTTP client and MQTT operation modes.
  • • Supports two-way certificates authentication.
Rich Product Features
  • • Modbus Gateway: Modbus RTU/TCP protocol conversation, Modbus multi-host polling.
  • • Support Transparant MQTT/TCP/UDP/HTTP data communication.
  • • Heartbeat Packet Function: Remote server can detect abnormal disconnection from the client using this feature.
  • • Registration Packet Funciton: The server can identify different clients by usingregistration packets.
Industrial-Grade Design, High Reliability
  • • EFT Protection: Level 3. Protect device against damage caused by instantaneous current interference in circuit, such as lightning stroke, power switch, etc.
  • • ESD Protection: Level 3. Prevent electrostatic damage equipment, such as dust electrostatic, electric arc environment etc.
  • • Surge Protection: Level 3. Protect devices from voltage spikessuch as lightning stroke, power switch, etc.
  • • Watchdog: Hardware & software dual watchdog to ensure stable operation without downtime.
  • • Wide Operation Temperature: -25℃~ +75℃.
  • • Wide Power Input: 9~36V, reverse polarity protection.
  • • Metal housing: IP30 protection.
Remote Management, Anytime, Anywhere SNMP Protocol: Users can remotely view device information, modify device parameters, and monitor device information through the SNMP protocol.It does not need to go to the site to monitor and configure devices one by one. The version of SNMP supported by this device is V2C and V3. PUSR Platform: USR-W660 cooperates with PUSR platform, users can realize remote login configuration webpage, data debugging and remote firmware upgrade functions. Users can also monitor the online/offline record of the device. With all the above functions, users can monitor and manage the device conveniently.
Dimension & Interface
  • • Dimension: 105*26*110.5mm(including mounting bracket)
  • • ETH ports: 1*WAN/LAN, 1*LAN
  • • Power supply: DC 9-36V, 1*terminal block connector, 1*DC jacket
  • • Installation: Wall mounting, desktop placement
What’s in the box?
  • • USR-W630s*1
  • • WiFi stick antenna*2
  • • Power adapter*1
  • • Female to female serial cable*1
Smart Factory Application Connect with the serial port/network port equipment in the factory, and upload the equipment operation data to the local monitoring platform or remote platform in real time; the staff can dynamically understand the operation status of the monitored equipment through the monitoring platform.
More Application Scenarios USR-W630s adopts industrial design, which can be applied to various industrial scenarios, such as industrial automation, warehousing and logistics, energy monitoring and smart mining scenarios, and perfectly meet the needs of remote data transmission and monitoring of various interface equipment.