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Intelligent Parking loT Transmission

Industry Status

In recent years, the continuous increase in the number of private cars has placed a huge burden on urban traffic management. In order to improve the level of parking lot information construction, it is imperative to optimize the existing parking lot management system for network communication.


At present, many problems still exist in the construction and management of the parking lots.

1. Complex wiring layout, large work quantity and long period.

2. Traditional network connectivity was restricted by data volume and distance.

3. Low manual maintenance efficiency and high cost.


Status Analysis

In this situation, the management system of the gate machine can be optimized by industrial routers. From this, the management data can be transferred quickly, which will improve work efficiency and traffic.



Intelligent Parking loT Transmission


1. When the cars leave the field, the terminal identification and sensor equipment will automatically collect the car number and other information and transmit them to the remote control center through the industrial router USR-G806.

2. The license plate number, parking time, payment amount and other data related to the car are calculated by the background management system and then transferred to the front site through industrial router which will be displayed in the electronic screen in time.

3. The owner scans the code to pay. The gate machine receives the instruct and release the car.


Case Advantage

1. Fast network layout without wires.

2. Strong 4G signal with fast transmission and wide coverage.

3. Lower construction, management and human costs.

4. Intelligent parking management: real-time data monitoring and reporting.

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