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Serial to Ethernet Modules(Cost-effective) The serial port to Ethernet module is mainly used to realize the transparent two-way data transmission between TCP/UDP packets and UART interfaces. The serial port to Ethernet module has the characteristics of small size and low power consumption. At the
Serial to Ethernet Modules(Cost-effective)
Serial to Ethernet Modules(Cost-effective)
USR-TCP232-T2 Ethernet UART Modules
● serial TTL UART to Ethernet
● Pin type.
● Power supply: DC 3.3-5V
● Compact, Small size, Light Weight
● Supports TCP server/client, UDP server/client
● it can also be applied in RS232/ RS485 by level shift circuit.
● Virtual COM
USR-TCP232-S2 Embedded Ethernet Modules
● serial TTL UART to Ethernet
● SMD type
● Power supply: DC 3.3V
● Compact, Small size, Light Weight
● Supports TCP server/client, UDP server/client
● it can also be applied in RS232/ RS485 by level shift circuit.
● Virtual COM
Product Commonality
Basic Functions
Ethernet modules convert signals over the network into data such as zeros and ones that the CPU recognizes. At the same time, some Ethernet modules also convert the data transmitted on the network according to TCP/IP protocol. Serial port modules will not do any processing for the data sent by MCU.
Rich Package
USR IOT's modules are packaged in a variety of formats, both patch and pin type, which can be used in a variety of communication situations for a variety of communication needs. Both integrated circuit board and extended circuit board can be easily installed to achieve networking requirements.
Small In Size
USR IOT's modules are typically packaged in small volumes and embedded into systems to enable various forms of detection, calculation or control. At the same time, it plays the role of protecting the chip and enhancing the thermal conductivity, but also the role of connecting the inner world of the chip with the external circuit and the general function of specification.
Easy To Use
The networking mode of PUSR's industrial IoT module is simple, and it can realize networking according to the on-site situation, helping enterprises achieve the goal of cost reduction and efficiency increase.
Technical Support
If you need a technical consultation (by phone or email) to help you choose the best Networking modulars  for your application, USR IOT is easy to reach and has technical engineers you can talk to.PUSR IOT will wholeheartedly provide you with technical support.
Quality Assurance
For 10 years of advance, we have always been remaining true to the concept of reliability and stability in building our quality strength. Our products have passed the certification of the ISO9001 quality management system. With nearly 100 patents and software copyrights, we have won many certificates from authoritative bodies.
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