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Basic Functions

WH-BLE103 is low-power Bluetooth module which supports BLE4.2 protocol and user can realize communication through simple configuration. The module can be use for point-to-point transparent transmission and enctyption transmission. Module can work at master mode or slave mode. User can set one module as master, the other one as slave for transparent transmission. Or develop APP according to standard BLE protocol to communicate with module. BLE103 supports one-to-many broadcast mode and iBeacon protocol. And also support modifying 128bit format UUID to be compatible with other company BLE modules. WH-BLE103 is reliable BLE module with various functions and high compatibility.



Compatible with USR-BLE101 in function and encapsulation, add external version and GPIO

Ultra tiny size10*10*2mm

Support BLE4.2 protocol, compatible with low version

The low power broadcast mode is 300µA on average, and the sleep mode is 500nA on average. Multiple wake-up modes

Master and slave integration. Quick-switch

A variety of configuration methods, support AT commands

Support for one to many broadcast mode, built-in iBeacon protocol

Support Mesh networking and quickly build Bluetooth network.

Bluetooth to UART data transmission

1.7V~3.6V single power supply

Far transmission distance. Point to point transmission distance up to 60m

Support 128bit format UUID modification, can communicate with other manufacturers module.


Identify Packet function

Identity packet is used for identify the device when module works as TCP client/UDP client. There are two methods for identity packet. 

Identity data will be sent when connection is established. 

Identity data will be add on the front of every data packet.


Identity Packet application diagram of bluetooth module


Heartbeat Packet Function

Heartbeat packet: Module will output heartbeat data to serial or network periodic. User can configure the heartbeat data and time interval. Serial heartbeat data can be used for polling Modbus data. Network heartbeat data can be used for showing connection status and keep the connection (only take effect in TCP/UDP Client mode).


image of bluetooth module USR-BLE103


    Wireless Parameter 
Wireless Standard 802.15.1
Frequency Range 2.402GHz-2.480GHz
Transmit Power -19dBm to +8dBm
User can configure the power
Receiving Sensitivity -78dBm
Antenna Selection

Built in: Antenna

External: RF pin

Transmission distance

Module to module transmission distance up to 60m (Open area, maximum transmitting power, ceramic antenna)

   Hardware Parameter 
Working Voltage 1.7V~3.6V
Working Current

Average2.40mA&3.3V Slave machine standby

Average4.50mA&3.3V Host standby

Average2.40mA&3.3V Broadcasting is not dormant

Average0.290mA&3.3V Slave machine deep sleep

Average0.290mA&3.3V Broadcasting deep sleep



           Serial port

Serial number




Data bit


Stop bit


Check bit

None. even, odd

baud rate




Flow control


  Software Parameter 

Equipment type

Host/slave machine

Security Mechanism 128 bit AES engine
Encryption PC1 encryption
Working Mode

Main device mode / slave device mode / broadcast mode /Mesh networking mode

Setting Command AT+ command structure
User Configuration Serial AT command, transparent transmission AT command

   Work environment

Work temperature


Storage temperature



title update date operation

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