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Pusr Cloud, a cloudplatform for the Internet of Things Zero programming comes with its own Internet of Things system.
+ Private Cloud project
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80% functions are free
White-labeling for VIP
PCB Design —— ODM/EMS We provide one-stop turnkey design service to help customers with the delivery of an out-of-the-box hardware platform that is fully tested and ready to use upon delivery.
+ years of experience
11 high-speed SMT
10 million pcs daily
+ Private Cloud project
ISO9001 cert.
Intelligent MES
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K7 Ethernet to Serial Modules

WH-LTE-7S1-E DIP type LTE Cat 1 module

G806-G/-E/-AU Classic Industrial Cellular Router

G806-A Industrial Cellular Router for North America

N510-H7 MQTT Gateway TI Cortex M4 Processor.

G805 Mini Industrial LTE Router

G808 Dual SIM Fallback Industrial LTE Router

G809 Industrial LTE & IO Gataway Router

W630 2 LAN Port Serial to WiFi Converter

G781 Cellular Modem Routers

N520 2*RS485 Ports Serial Ethernet Converter

TCP232-S2 Embedded Ethernet Modules

G786 4G Cellular Modems with Global Bands

TCP232-410s RS232 and RS485 to Etherent Converter

K6 TTL to Ethernet Modules

TCP232-302 1-port RS232 to Ethernet Converters

TCP232-304 1-port RS485 to Ethernet Converters

DR404 DIN-Rail RS485 to WiFi Converters

N510 1*RS485 Ports Serial Ethernet Converter

W610 1 LAN Port Serial to WiFi Converter

K5 UART to Ethernet Modules

TCP232-T2 Ethernet UART Modules

DR301 DIN-Rail RS232 to Ethernet Converters

G806-E/AU Classic Industrial Cellular Router

G807 UART TTL Port.

N540 4*RS485 Ports Serial Ethernet Converter

G810。 Industrial 5G cellular router

N520 2 Ports Serial to Etherent Converter

N540 4 Ports Serial to Etherent Converter

N510 1 Port Serial to Etherent Converter

TCP232-306 1-port RS485/232/422 to Ethernet


DR154/152/150 Asia Version Din Rail 4G LTE modems

N580 8*RS485 Ports Serial Ethernet Converter

DR302 DIN-Rail RS485 to Ethernet Converters

DR504 DIN-Rail RS485 Industrial cellular Modems

SDR050-L 5 Port Ethernet Switches

LG206-P Lora data transmission terminal

DR504 Din Rail RS485 Industrial cellular Modems

ISG Gigabit Industrial Switch

M100 Remote IO Edge Gateway

DR502-E Cost-effective DIN-Rail 4G LTE Cat 1 Modem

DR504-E RS232 Serial Port.

G771-E LTE CAT 1 Serial Cellular Modem

G785-E Two WIFI Antennas

G806s Serial Port Industrial Cellular Router

GM3 Modbus RTU to TCP.

GPRS232-730 GSM Modem RS232/485

GPRS232-734 Cost-effective, tiny size.

IO424T-EWR 4G to Wireless WiFi, RS232 to 4G.

IO424T-GR Large Internal Cache

IO808-EWR MIPS Kernel.

IO808-GR RS485 Port.

LG220 Industrial LoRa Gateways


MB706 LTE Cat M serial modem

SDR021 Double port Ethernet switch

SDR041 Four port Ethernet switch

N668 8-port RS232/422/485 Serial Device Servers

SDR160 16 port Ethernet switch

TCP232-E2 Modbus RTU to TCP.

TCP232-ED2 Cellular Modem Routers.

WIFI232-A2 Embedded WiFi Modules(built-in)

WIFI232-B2 Embedded WiFi Modules(External)

WH-LTE-7S1-E Transparent Transmission.

WH-L101-P Din rail mounted.

WH-BLE106 Industrial low power bluetooth module


Industrial loT Gateways Ranked First in China by Online Sales for Seven Consecutive Years **Data from China's Industrial IoT Gateways Market Research in 2023 by Frost & Sullivan
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