TTL to Ethernet Converter
Bidirectional Transparent Transmission

Powerful TI SoC with
Maximum Performance

The module adopts TI Cortex-M4 SoC
which can provide improved
performance and higher stability.

Function Block Diagram

Simplify IoT Development

Multiple User Scenario

Advanced Features

Registration Packet

The server can identify
different clients by using
registration packets.

Heartbeat Packet

Server can detect
abnormal disconnection
from the client using this
feature (K3 as an TCP client).

Customized RFC2217

Users can dynamically modify the baud rate of the K3 by
sending PUSR customized protocol over the network.

One More Thing, Modbus Gateway

Transfer between Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP protocol.
Support Modbus multihost polling.

Industrial-grade Design, Highly Reliable

Watchdog Protection

Built-in hardware watchdog,
7*24h stable operation
without downtime.

Wide Operating Temperature

-40℃ ~ +85℃

1.5KV Electromagnetic

Fully Enclosed Metal Protective Shield
Built-in Ethernet Isolation Transformer

Easy Configuration, Quick Start

Customized Webpage

With this feature, users can change logo, style,
company information and so on to advertise their
own brand and enhance their brand influence


Barrier Gate


Energy System