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Home / Products/ Discontinued Items / USR-IO808-GR
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8-way network IO controller

Support USR Cloud function and can realize remote control directly after powering on

Be adaptive to Modbus TCP/RTU protocol

Support Master mode and Slave mode for user to choose


Basic function

basic function of 8-way network IO controller USR-IO808-GR


Remote control:

After powering network IO controller, user can directly realize remote control by USR Cloud. Take lamp control as example: user can realize lamp control by PC or APP on mobile terminal, and user can also directly open/close lamp by local switch. Remote control can realize all-weather and all-sided monitoring, save the cost of manpower and material resources.

remote control function of 8-way network IO controller USR-IO808-GR


Modbus protocol adaptation:

Can automatically identify Modbus RTU/TCP protocol in network side and respond data according to received protocol to realize response data as same format as received data.

modbus protocol adaptation, 8-way network IO controller USR-IO808-GR


Support Master mode and Slave mode for user to choose:

Default work mode of USR-IO808 is Slave mode and IO808 can be queried and controlled by Master device in Network side and RS485 side simultaneously in Salve mode. IO808 can also be configured into Master mode and Master mode supports connecting to multiple Modbus RTU devices by RS485 cascading connection. Master mode is suited to remote monitoring and control such as temperature and humidity monitoring of agricultural greenhouse.


Network IO series comparison table:

network io series comparison table ,8-way network IO controller USR-IO808-GR



interfaces of 8-way network IO controller USR-IO808-GR


Hardware protection:

Full wired terminal installation and protection for lightning strike

High current protection for power supply and interface

RS485 anti-surge protection: 2KV

Over-current protection for power supply

hardware protection of 8-way network IO controller USR-IO808-GR



When there is instantaneous high current in the circuit(such as power switch, etc.), it can ensure that the device hardware is not damaged.

Power supply interface ±4KV

Ethernet interface and serial port ±2KV

EFT ,8-way network IO controller USR-IO808-GR



Prevent electrostatic damage equipment(Such as: dust electrostatic, electric arc, etc.)

Air ±15KV

Contact ±8KV

 ESD,8-way network IO controller USR-IO808-GR



Well-designed hardware watchdog which can realize 24 hours stable operation.

Watchdog function of 8-way network IO controller USR-IO808-GR


Work mode

Master mode

In master mode, after IO808 receiving data, it will judge destination address firstly. If destination address is local address, IO808 will process data; if destination address isn’t local address, IO808 will forward data. In this mode, user can connect to multiple slave devices by RS485 cascading connection.

work mode, master mode ,8-way network IO controller USR-IO808-GR


Slave mode

In this mode, IO808 can connect to master device or work as single device. In this mode, IO808 will analyse and process received data. If destination address is local address, IO808 will make a corresponding reaction; if destination address isn’t local address, IO808 will discard data.

slave mode, work mode,8-way network IO controller USR-IO808-GR



Conditional control

Conditional control function supports user configuring the conditions to trigger IO changes. It can make using IO808 more flexibly and extend application scenario. User only needs to modify conditional control function register parameters, it will realize corresponding function. Conditional control function can provide convenience for project management.

 conditional control, features, 8-way network IO controller USR-IO808-GR


Support configuring IO status hold

After restarting IO808 or powering on IO808 again, can choose holding the Relay output status or resetting to disconnect status.


Support upgrading firmware by FTP

Support upgrading firmware by FTP: can remotely upgrade firmware by Modbus commands.


 Support upgrading firmware by FTP, 8-way network IO controller USR-IO808-GR


EWR version supports Router function

EWR version supports multiple functions such as LAN control, Ethernet, WiFi, Web Server, etc.


USR-IO808 supports USR Cloud

Remote monitoring without programming

USR-IO808 supports USR Cloud


USR Cloud function

Industrial agreement: Modbus protocol devices can quickly access to USR Cloud

Historical data: curve and report forms.

Alarm push: E-mail.



Combine configuration software solution

Network IO controller can connect to devices that needs to be monitored by input interface, output interface and RS485 cascading connection. Then can choose local connection or USR Cloud remote monitoring, convert network data to serial data by VCOM software and transmit to configuration software to realize remote monitoring and control. Commonly be used in unmanned machine room, integrated management of hotel facilities, self-service supermarket, etc.

Applications of 8-way network IO controller USR-IO808-GR


Smart lamp control

User can connect to USR Cloud by USR-IO808 to realize remote street lamp monitoring and it is convenient to control in Cloud side and record the devices status. Whole solution can ensure overall rate of lighting of street lamp, help management and bring the benefit of environmental protection.

application for Smart lamp control, 8-way network IO controller USR-IO808-GR


Industrial automation solution

In production-line item of industrial automation, it can realize production line monitoring and control by USR-IO808. For example, user can monitor production line quantity by infrared radiation switch or connect output interface to motor to control start and stop.

 application for industrial automation solution, 8-way network IO controller USR-IO808-GR


Smart hotel management

In smart hotel management project, user can connect USR-IO808 to TV, computer, refrigerator, air conditioner, door control system, etc. Then user can realize remote monitoring by mobile terminal. This solution is usually realized through local WiFi connection and it can also use USR Cloud to realize remote monitoring.

application for smart hotel management, 8-way network IO controller USR-IO808-GR


Self-service terminals solution

Based on remote monitoring function of USR-IO808, user can connect output interface to multiple Relays and connect input interface to switching value, then connect USR-IO808 to Cloud platform to realize monitoring running condition of self-service terminals, adjusting supply chain at any time or handling failure timely.

application for self-service terminals solution, 8-way network IO controller USR-IO808-GR


Distribution box solution

Control AC contactor or breaker by USR-IO808’s output Relays to realize remote control of powering on/off. USR-IO808’s RS485 interface can connect to RS485 electricity meter to realize remote charging, remote control, etc.

application for distribution box solution, 8-way network IO controller USR-IO808-GR

Parameter  Value
Wireless parameters
Wireless standard GSM/GPRS
Standard frequency band 850/900/1800/1900MHz 
Transmitting power GSM900 class4(2W)     DCS1800 class1(1W)
GPRS Terminal Device Class Class B
GPRS Multi-slot Class  GPRS Class 10
GPRS Coding Schemes  CS1~CS4
Hardware parameters
Data interface

Serial port: Support RS485.

Baud rate: 300bps~230400bps

Working voltage 12V~36V
Working temperature -20℃ ~ +70℃
Storage temperature -40℃ ~ +85℃
Working humidity 5%~95%
Storage humidity 1%~95%
Dimension 200*122*29mm
Software parameters
Wireless network type GSM/GPRS
Work mode

Master mode, slave mode

Configuration command Modbus RTU
Network protocol Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU
Application software Support configuration software

Software function 

DNS Support
Data transmission mode

Support TCP Client

EMC level
ESD IEC61000-4-2, Level 4
Surge IEC61000-4-5, Level 3
Group pulse  IEC61000-4-4, Level 3


title update date operation

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