Introduction of Low Energy Serial Bluetooth Modules

USR-BLE101 is an ultra-low power V4.1 bluetooth module. It is based on tiny packaging of 10mm x 10mm, thus, it is easier to embed into user’s device. The module is used for point-to-point data transparent transmission. User’device can communicate immediately after simple setup without concerning about transport protocol. The module supports master and slave mode. User not only can use both master and salve for transparent transmission, also can develop APP on the basis of standard BLE protocol. The module supports one-to-many broadcast, and has built-in iBeacon protocol. User can make it an iBeacon equipment with simple setup.


Features of Low Energy Serial Bluetooth Modules

Support standard BLE protocol

Low power broadcast mode of 1.3uA, sleep mode of 150nA,a variety of wake-up methods

Master/slave mode, quick switch

Setup methods: serial AT command,transparent transmission AT command

Support one-to-many data broadcast mode, built-in iBeacon protocol

Support Mesh networking mode to realize bluetooth self-organized network

Support UART Interface

1.9V~5.5V single supply

Support power detection function

Tiny packaging of 10mm x 10mm


Application field of Low Energy Serial Bluetooth Modules

Wearable smart devices

Industrial data acquisition

Intelligent instrument

Sports smart devices

Medical intelligent device

Smart mobile terminal

Indoor localization

Information identification



iBeacon of Low Energy Serial Bluetooth Modules

iBeacon of Low Energy Serial Bluetooth Modules,built-in ibeacon