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Din Rail Cellular Modems

Compact and intelligent industrial celluar modems, available in 2G, 3G , 4G LTE cat4. Suited perfectly to M2M / IoT applications facing tough environmental conditions and / or requiring a long lifespan. USR IOT's din rail cellular modems can provide stable and reliable wireless communication network and transparent data transmission for users..

Without wiring, power on for remote equipment monitoring and management. It has the advantages of rapid networking, flexible expansion, short construction cycle, low cost and so on.

Home / Products/ Din Rail Cellular Modems
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  • Din Rail RS485 Industrial cellular Modems
  • Din Rail RS485 Industrial cellular Modems
  • Global Bands
    RS485 Port
    Din rail mounted
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  • Din rail mounted RS485 industrial cellular modems with sim card slot USR-DR504-G with global bands can realize the data transmission between RS485 and 4G Network.

    Din rail industrial modems USR-DR504-G are ideal for M2M and IoT applications—such as distribution automation, smart metering, water & wastewater, heating, street light monitoring and etc.

    ● Global Bands, Covering Global Regions
    ● DIN-Rail Mounted
    ● with sim card slot


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