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Home / Products/ Discontinued Items / USR-G785-E
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USR-G785 is an industrial wireless data transmission terminal with high stability and anti-interference. It can realize the data transparent transmission function. The two-way data transmission from serial port to network server can be easily realized by setting simple AT commands.

USR-G785-E is a product developed for serial devices and network servers to transmit data to each other. With simple AT instructions, it is easy to use this product to realize two-way data transparent transmission from serial port to network.



Support TCP Client and UDP Client

Support register package and heartbeat package

Support setting parameters by SMS

Support net transparent transmission mode and UDC mode

Support AT commands

Support RFC2217 similar function

Support remote management

USR-G785 is an industrial wireless data transmission terminal


Powerful Interface

All-terminal installation, 485 isolated power supply, stronger EMC protection.

The command port and data port are independent of each other

All-terminal installation, 485 isolated power supply, stronger EMC protection.


Structure function diagram

The following diagram is a block diagram of the function of the modem.

Structure function diagram of industrial modem USR-G785-E 


Interface protection

All-terminal installation, lightning protection

Power/interface high current protection

485 surge proof 1KV

485 power isolation

Over-current Protection of Power Supply

Interface protection



Electrical fast pulse group EFT

Ensure that the device hardware is not damaged when the instantaneous large current (such as lightning strike, power switch, etc.) occurs in the circuit

Power 2KV

Electrical fast pulse group EFT



ESD electrostatic protection

Prevent electrostatic damage to device, such as: dust electrostatic, electric power environment arc

ESD electrostatic protection


Hardware and software watchdogs

Well- designed external watchdog circuit, 24 hours without downtime, stable operation

Hardware and software watchdogs


Work Mode

Network transparent transmission mode

Serial devices can send data to designated server through modem when work at this mode, modem can also forward server data to serial devices.

4G modem USR-G785 supports two sockets, which are independent of each other.

net transparent transmission mode,work mode

In this mode, the serial port device can send data to the specified server on the network through this modem. The modem can also accept data from the server and forward the information to the serial port device.

Users do not need to pay attention to the data conversion process between serial port data and network packets, only through simple parameter settings, data transparent communication between serial port devices and network servers can be achieved.


UDC Mode

Mode Description

UDC Mode-Mode Description

In this mode, the user's terminal device can send the request data to the specified https server through this modem, then the modem receives the data from the https server, parses the data and sends the results to the serial port device.

Users do not need to pay attention to the data conversion process between serial port data and network packets, only through simple parameter settings, can realize the serial port device to https server data request.


AT commands

Support query and set parameters by serial port AT commands and network AT commands

AT commands


Register package mechanism

When USR-G785 works at TCP Client mode, it will automatically send register package when connection establish. Registration data can be IMEI codes, ICCID codes and custom registration data.

Register package mechanism


Heartbeat package

USR-G785 support network heartbeat package and serial port heartbeat package.

Network heartbeat packets keep the server active by sending heartbeat packets continuously to maintain a normal connection with the server.

The serial heartbeat packet keeps the serial device in an active state and actively grabs the sensor data that cannot be pushed actively.

Heartbeat package


Images of industrial serial to 2G/3G/4G LTE modem USR-G785-E

images of 4g modem USR-G785-E



Wireless Parameter

Wireless Standard


Standard Frequency Band









Transmitting Power


Class 3 (23dBm±2dB)


Class 3 (23dBm±2dB)


Class 3 (24dBm+1/-3dB)

GSM Band8

Class 4 (33dBm±2dB)

GSM Band3

Class 1 (30dBm±2dB)

Technical specifications


Maximum support for non-CA CAT 4

Supporting 1.4~20MHz RF bandwidth

Downlink support for multi-user MIMO

TDD: maximum up 35 Mbps, maximum down 130 Mbps

FDD: Maximum upstream 50 Mbps, maximum downstream 150 Mbps


Supports 3GPP R8 dc-hspa +

Supports 16-qam, 64_QAM and QPSK modulation

3GPP R6 CAT6 HSUPA: maximum uplink rate 5.76Mbps

3GPP R8 CAT24 dc-hspa + : the maximum downlink rate is 42Mbps


 R99: CSD transmission rate: 9.6 KBPS,14.4 KBPS

GPRS: supports GPRS multi-slot class 12(default 12)

Coding formats: cs-1 / cs-1 / cs-3 and cs-4

Maximum 4 RX slots per frame


Support EDGE multi-slot class 12(default 12)

Antenna Option

SMA interface

Hardware Parameter

Data Interface

RS232:2400bps - 115200bps

RS485:2400bps - 115200bps

Working Voltage

DC 9V~36V

Working Current

Average 60ma-86ma Max: 175mA 12V

Working Temp.

-40℃- 70℃

Storage Temp.

-45℃- 90℃



Software Parameters

Working Mode

Transparent transmission mode, UDC mode.

Setting Command

AT+ command

Network Protocol


Max. TCP Connection Number


User Configuration

Serial AT command,net AT command,message AT command

Customer application software

Support customized application software

Software Functions

Domain name resolution



Simple Transparent Transmission mode

Support TCP Client/UDP Client

SMS transparent transmission

Support TCP Client/UDP Client

Heartbeat Package


RFC2217 similar


Registration Package Mechanism

Support custom /ICCID/IMEI register package


title update date operation

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