AP310i WiFi6 AX3000 Dual-band Ceiling AP WiFi rate up to 2974.5Mbps, 2.5G WAN/LAN Port, 802.3at PoE AP310i is a WiFi6 dual-band ceiling-mounted commercial access point. The product is based on the powerful Qualcomm wireless core platform, with 24dBm TX power and 5dBi high-gain built-in antennas. It supports IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax, the maximum WiFi rate reaches almost 3000Mbps. The product comes with a standard configuration of a 512MB RAM(supports customization from 256MB to 1GB). The excellent performance and stability not only come from the high-end Qualcomm core platform, but also rely on the professional hardware and software design by our professional R&D team. The product can be widely used in industries and scenarios such as offices, education and training, smart medical care, apartments, dormitories, exhibition halls and auditoriums.
Enterprise WiFi6 ceiling-mounted wireless
access point for indoor coverage:
  • Simplifies the deployment - a single network cable is used to complete power supply and data transmission at the same time, reducing the complexity of network wiring, time and cost are saved.
  • Support for high-density scenarios - MU-MiMo technology supports simultaneous access by a large number of users. In crowded places, such as conference rooms, exhibition halls, railway stations, airports, the ceiling AP can provide stable wireless connections
  • Greater coverage - the ceiling installation is more conducive to expanding WiFi coverage
  • Suitable for commercial scenarios - the ceiling installation perfectly integrates the equipment with the surroundings
Powerful core solution The product adopts the powerful WiFi6 wireless core solution of Qualcomm, which supports the latest WiFi6 features such as OFDMA, MU-MIMO and 160Mhz bandwidth, and supports up to 256 wireless clients. With the support of MU-MIMO technology, multi-user wireless access does not require queuing and access delay can be minimized.
High-power WiFi The wireless transmission power of up to 24dBm ensures stronger signals, greater coverage, and stronger penetration capabilities.
2.5G high-speed Ethernet port Compared with the traditional Gigabit Ethernet port that is standard on general gigabit APs, the 2.5G high-speed Ethernet port provides 2.5 times the wired speed, further breaking through the bottleneck of the network port. With broadband services over 1000M, the AX3000 AP performance can be fully utilized. The wireless speed brings significant improvements to large-scale data transmission, high-definition video streaming and real-time interactive application experience.
Fat&thin AP in one, supporting centralized
controller management
The device supports two AP modes: fat and thin, different modes can be selected for different scenarios. In fat AP mode , each AP can be managed flexibly and independently, which is suitable for small networks with only a few APs and can be deployed flexibly and quickly; In thin AP mode, all APs are centrally managed by the controller, which is suitable for medium-sized and above networks. The controller delivers configurations to all APs remotely and supports remote upgrade of AP firmware.
Enterprise grade software features
  • Supporting three working modes: router, access point and wireless repeater, flexibly adapting to different usage scenarios.
  • Flexible software-controlled WAN/LAN interchange
  • Supports multiple VPN functions such as IPSec , L2TP, PPTP, etc.
Enterprise grade design, quick installation
  • Operating temperature: 0℃~40℃
  • Operating humidity: 5%~90% RH non-condensing
  • Power supply mode: 802.3at PoE
  • Network port: 2.5G high capacity RJ-45 port
Built-in surge protection Built-in 2kv surge protection design can protect the device in complex electrical environments to provide long-term service to users