AC200 | Wireless Access Controller PoE power supply, Centralized management for APs, Small form factor AC200 is our new introduced wireless access controller model integrating the controller and PoE output functions. It can manage and power the wireless APs and greatly reduce the difficulty of deploying a small wireless network. The WAN and LAN ports of the product are gigabit ports, compared with traditional 100M ports, the wired transmission rate is ten times higher, it is suitable for optical fiber internet access above 100M. With the built-in standard PoE module, the product can provide power to the AP and transmit data at the same time through a single network cable, and cooperate with 4 APs that support PoE to establish a complete and simple small-scale wireless network. The miniaturized form factor design makes it can be easily placed into the weak current box.
AC200’s design aims to allow home and small business users to experience professional commercial-grade wireless access. The software&hardware design takes into account the professionalism of commercial WiFi networking and the convenience required for small application scenarios. Through simplifying the installation and setup procedures it can conveniently serve home and small enterprise application scenarios.
Main Feature
  • 880MHz dual-core CPU, high performance.
  • Supports IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u, IEEE802.3ab protocol standards.
  • Supports Auto MDI/MDIX.
  • PoE complies with IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at standards.
  • The iron shell design facilitates heat dissipation and effectively shields electromagnetic interference.
  • Supports desktop, wall-mounted and DIN rail(optional accessories) installation.
High performance and flexible networking Works as the gateway and directly connects to the wireless APs. This networking method is usually used in centralized networks. The number of APs is relatively small, all the internet traffic passes through the controller. The excellent performance allows the device to handle 100 simultaneous access users..
High performance and flexible networking AC1000 works in bypass mode and is not directly connected to the wireless APs but via a network switch. This networking method is usually used in distributed networks with a relatively large number of APs and the internet traffic does not pass through the controller. The excellent performance allows the device to manage 200 APs at the same time.
Miniature design and multiple installation methods
  • Does not take up space and can be easily placed in a weak current box.
  • Desktop, wall-mounted and rail-mounted installation to adapt to different scenarios.
Powers 4 APs simultaneously Supports powering 4 APs at the same time through network cables, the network cable length can be up to 100 meters.
Seamless roaming acceleration Seamless roaming acceleration ensures that wireless terminals remain online when roaming between APs, greatly improves user experience.