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July 31, 2023 Understanding Industrial Router in a Text

Abstract of this article

  • What is an Industrial Router
  • Industrial Router role
  • Industrial Router Features
  • Industrial Router advantages
  • Industrial Router application
  • Industrial Routerchoose
  • Industrial Router brand
  • Industrial Router selection
  • Industrial Router Configuration Precautions

What is an Industrial Router

Industrial Router is a network device in the field of industrial Internet of Things that can transmit network signals only to the required ports. Compared with routers used in ordinary homes and offices, Industrial routers usually have higher strength hardware and software design, and support more complex network protocols and data transmission methods, which can ensure high quality and efficiency of network communication

Industrial Router is a networking device designed to meet networking requirements and cannot convert communication protocols. The difference with the gateway is that the industrial gateway can realize the conversion of standard Ethernet and industrial Ethernet protocol, wireless and wired interface or Ethernet and fieldbus communication protocol.

The Industrial Router is a cellular wireless router specifically designed for use in industrial environments. It can usually work in harsh environments, such as high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, corrosion, vibration and electromagnetic interference. At the same time, there are firewall, VPN, remote management, data encryption, traffic control, QoS and other security and stability enhancement functions. Industrial Router is widely used in industrial outdoor, enterprise commercial, mobile transportation and other industries, which can optimize the operation and management of modern industry and the Internet of Things, and improve the security and reliability of the system.

Industrial Router Role

Industrial Router Role

The main role of the Industrial 4G Router is to achieve important functions such as data transmission,remote management, and network security in the IIOT scenario. Specifically, Industrial 4G Router can achieve the following roles:

1. Implement data communication between devices

Industrial 4G Router can gather, forward, and centrally control data from different devices, collection points, sensors, etc., and transmit data to the target device or superior node. For example: automated production applications.

2. Supports multiple network protocols

Industrial 4G Router support a variety of network protocols, such as TCP/IP, Modbus, CAN, Profinet, etc., to achieve seamless docking and data transmission between different devices. For example, logistics transportation scenario.

3. Enhance network security

Industrial 4G Router through the built-in firewall, VPN, data encryption, traffic control and other security mechanisms to ensure the security of the IIOT system, effectively prevent malicious attacks and data leaks and other risks. For example: Healthcare security applications.

4. Implement remote management

Industrial 4G Router support remote configuration, management and maintenance, and can control and monitor devices through the cloud to improve system maintainability and reliability. For example, smart city networking applications.

5. Adapt to harsh environmental conditions

Industrial 4G Router can adapt to harsh conditions such as high temperature, low temperature, humidity, corrosion and impact in industrial environments to ensure the stable operation of network equipment. For example, petrochemical field applications. Like the 4G LTE Industrial Router USR-G806w, it is a good helper in harsh outdoor environments. It is often used in high-demand environments such as oil and underground.

Industrial Router Features

Industrial Router Features

1. High stability

4G LTE Industrial Router is designed to solve the data communication in complex and demanding environment, and must have the characteristics of stable transmission. The 4G LTE Industrial Router can transmit data stably under -30℃~+75℃high temperature and cold environment, without stalling or downtime.

2. High adaptability

4G LTE Industrial Router is different from cellular wireless router Due to the needs of work, it can withstand adverse factors such as humidity, vibration, corrosion and electromagnetic interference and maintain a stable operation for 24 hours. Therefore, industry standard standards are widely adapted to networking applications in most outdoor environments.

3. High capacity

4G LTE Industrial Router has large capacity concurrent processing capability. Can afford hundreds of terminals, at the same time can be connected to many different protocol networks, so that terminals between each different protocol network can access each other unimpeded.

4. High security

4G LTE Industrial Router not only provides network firewall, data encryption, authentication security, remote control and other security mechanisms, but also has a built-in failover function, allowing them to automatically switch from the primary connection source to the secondary source in the event of an interruption, such as mobile data connection. Thus minimizing network outages.

5. Remote management

4G LTE Industrial Router and equipment management platform work together to support a variety of devices centralized network management, batch configuration and upgrade functions. Help users keep track of device status and network status, accurately diagnose and troubleshoot problems.

Industrial Router Advantages


1. Strong data processing

The Industrial 4G Router uses a high-performance CPU processor and powerful data processing capability, which can accommodate more people to access the Internet at high speed and meet the longer transmission distance and coverage. The high-performance chip of the Industrial 4G Router can ensure the long-term stable operation of the equipment, and even meet the requirements of most industrial applications and the requirements of uninterrupted operation in *24h.

2. The communication protocol is well adapted.

The Home wireless router has limited functions in anti-virus and hacker, while the Industrial 4G Router attaches great importance to security performance. It not only supports rich routing protocols such as TCP/IP, UDP, and ICMP to ensure data security and facilitate network layout. It also supports various data VPNS and APNs to establish private encrypted channels according to customer requirements, especially OpenVPN, IPsec, PPTP, L2TP and GRE. Multiple encryption methods, to achieve financial data transmission, improve data security.

3. Sstrong expansion performance.

The Industrial 4G Router not only supports 4G/5G to WIFI, to wired functions, but also is configured with RS232/RS485 serial port, supports Modbus protocol, MQTT, serial to Ethernet transparent transmission, provides a variety of interfaces and slots, can expand multiple physical and logical channels, adapt to different application environments. It has strong expansibility.

4. Good maintenance convenience.

The Industrial 4G Router supports remote control and monitoring, provides efficient remote management and maintenance functions, and supports real-time monitoring of device status and troubleshooting, greatly improving the convenience and maintainability of the device.

5. Comprehensive network coverage. 

The Industrial 4G Router supports seven network standards, such as TD-LTE, FDD-LTE, TD-SCDMA, and all networks can be seamlessly switched and compatible with various SIM cards of operators, and WIFI hotspot coverage is wide to meet more communication needs. The network environment is self-searching, and strong signal networks are automatically enabled.

Industrial Router Application

The Industrial Router is used for industrial, enterprise and mobile transportation scenarios. It has industrial-grade stability, reliability and anti-interference capability, and can operate stably in harsh working environments. Therefore, the Industrial Router is widely used in industrial automation, robot control, data acquisition, remote monitoring, intelligent logistics, vehicle management and other fields. In addition, the Industrial Router also has a variety of network connection methods, such as 3G/4G, WIFI, wired, meet the needs of different application scenarios for network connection methods.

Let's take a look at the specific application scenarios of 4G LTE Industrial Router.

● Industrial automation control system:

4G LTE Industrial Router can connect various sensors, actuators, PLCS and other devices to the same network to achieve remote monitoring and control.

● Industrial iot applications:

The 4G LTE Industrial Router connects various iot devices to the same network for data acquisition, analysis, and control.

● Industrial production line monitoring: 

The 4G LTE Industrial Router can connect various monitoring equipment, cameras, etc. to the same network to realize remote monitoring and management of the production line.

● Energy monitoring system:

The 4G LTE Industrial Router can connect various electric meters, water meters, gas meters and other devices to the same network to realize remote monitoring and management of energy.

● Intelligent Transportation system:

The 4G LTE Industrial Router can connect various traffic equipment, signal lights, cameras, etc. to the same network to realize the remote monitoring and control of the intelligent transportation system.

● Agricultural Internet of Things application:

The 4G LTE Industrial Router can connect various sensors, controllers and other devices to the same network to realize remote monitoring and control of the agricultural environment, such as temperature, humidity, lighting and so on.

● Environmental monitoring system:

The 4G LTE Industrial Router can connect various sensors, weather stations and other devices to the same network to realize remote monitoring and management of the environment, such as air quality and water quality monitoring.

● Smart office application:

4G LTE Industrial Router can be used as an important tool for mobile office to realize mobile data transmission and remote control management. By connecting to a local LAN, VPN, or cloud platform, employees can remotely access internal files, data, and applications. Moreover, the 4G LTE Industrial Router has diversified application scenarios, such as live broadcasting, video conferencing, simultaneous office management in multiple regions, and network access for intelligent office equipment. At the same time, its mobility also allows business travelers to connect to the Internet anytime, anywhere, to maintain communication and collaboration with the company.

● Cold chain transport applications:

The 4G LTE Industrial Router can be used as a data transmission center to realize stable data acquisition, processing and transmission by connecting a variety of sensors and aggregating multiple transmission channels. At the same time, it can also work with technologies such as GPS positioning, intelligent monitoring and Internet of Things applications to achieve real-time cargo tracking, temperature control and risk warning.

The 4G LTE Industrial Router can also be connected with nodal devices such as cold chain distribution vehicles, warehouses, and distribution centers to achieve real-time management and optimization of the entire supply chain. By using 4G LTE Industrial Router technology, cold chain logistics enterprises can ensure product safety, improve logistics efficiency and reduce logistics costs, and better meet customer needs.

Industrial Router Choose

1. Brand:

Brand is a symbol of professionalism and quality. Unlike FMCG companies that have existed for a hundred years, the Industrial Internet of Things is a relatively young industry. It has the characteristics of technical content and life cycle. The choice of well-known and reputable Industrial 4g Router brand can ensure the quality and stability of the product.

2. Security:

Security is one of the most critical issues in iot and is closely related to data ethics, privacy and responsibility. A good network security system can greatly help enterprises reduce the risk of data theft. The important thing is that it must be built into every step of the overall network system transport design, which means that you must work to reduce data security issues before and after you buy a router. Safety is a function that Industrial 4g Router manufacturers pay more attention to. Industrial 4G Router APV/VPN security tunnel, routing firewall, watchdog timer and other functions are part of the security guarantee.

3. Stability:

Stability is the core factor of Industrial 4G Router quality, as important as the human heart. Stable transmission is usually equipped with high-precision components, such as industrial-grade 4G high-speed transmission module, 32-bit ARM CPU processor, metal shell, circuit protection, perfect protocol stack, powerful memory, wide voltage, stable rail installation, simple and reliable.

4. Scope of application:

Since it is the choice of Industrial 4G Router, it will not consider Home wireless router. The scope of application of the Industrial 4G Router should match all parameters and indicators required by your project. For example, in Canada's outdoor Industrial projects, the temperature in winter is about -4℃-40℃, so it is necessary to choose an Industrial Router with a wide temperature range to operate normally. If used in an intelligent vehicle telematics system, IOT devices with high data transfer speeds may be required.

5. Interface selection:

The communication interface of an Industrial 4G Router usually involves WLAN interface, LAN interface, 4G/Wi-Fi antenna, and even serial port (RS232, RS485). Just check what communication interfaces your project requires. For projects that do not require too many WAN ports, you can choose a smaller number of WAN routers, which is also more cost-effective.

6. Number of downstream devices:

 The number of external downstream devices connected to an Industrial 4G Router mainly depends on the actual scale of the project and the number of Internet devices. If there are no special needs, 10-20 downstream equipment can be adapted to most industrial projects. For some smart city projects, such as elevator connectivity, two downstream devices (elevator and camera) are sufficient for one router.

Industrial Router Choose


Industrial Router brand:PUSR

Industrial Router brand:PUSR

● Excellent product quality: 

From vast oil fields to growing smart cities, from wet and cold DAMS to mobile smart offices, PUSR's 4G LTE Industrial Router is present. More than ten product certifications worldwide and more than 100,000 customer support and trust are the best testimony of PUSR's product quality.

● Professional R & D strength: 

Just like PUSR's customers, we are dedicated to exploring cutting-edge technologies in the industry, bringing new products from conception to deployment, and turning innovations into reality through reliable, safe and easy-to-use concepts. Meet the ever-evolving customer needs and better realize the value of connectivity.

● Intimate brand service:

PUSR provides comprehensive, professional and timely pre-sales consultation and after-sales support services to help you understand product application scenarios, functional features, technical parameters, installation and configuration, upgrade and maintenance, equipment replacement and other services. The "reliable" PUSR image is in every detail of communication and support.

● Safe after-sales guarantee: 

PUSR has a perfect after-sales service feedback mechanism, with self-built factories to ensure product quality and delivery. PUSR has provided reliable connectivity technology and services to customers in 40 countries around the world, and it is PUSR's mission to ensure the normal connectivity needs of customers.

Model Name Interface Frequency band SIM Characteristic
G816 5G Multi-Port
Industrial Cellular Router
1*WAN/LAN, 3*LAN 5G,4G,3G 2
(Customized built-in card)
Wi-Fi 4, Dual Band
G806w Qualcomm Chipset Industrial
Cellular Router
1WAN/LAN,2*LAN 4G,3G,2G 1
(Customized built-in card)
Wi-Fi 4
G809 Industrial LTE &
IO Gataway Router
4G,3G,2G 1 OpenCPU, SDK
G805 Mini industrial
4G cellular router
1*LAN+4*WAN 4G,3G,2G 2
(Customized built-in card)
G806s 4G Industrial Cellular Router 1*LAN+4*WAN 4G,3G,2G 1 Serial Port
G808 Dual SIM Fallback
Industrial LTE Router
1*LAN+4*WAN 4G,3G,2G 2
(Customized built-in card
Dual SIM
G806-G Classic Industrial
Cellular Router
1*LAN+4*WAN 4G,3G,2G 1 Rich VPNs
G806-A Industrial Cellular Router
for North America
1*LAN+4*WAN 4G,3G,2G 1 Rich VPNs

Industrial 4G Router Representative:USR-G806w、USR-G809

Qualcomm Chipset Industrial Cellular Router   USR-G806w

USR-G806w is the pro version of our all-time bestseller G806 that inherited its' best features, including industrial design, compact size, multiple connection interfaces. It delivers high performance for mission-critical cellular communication in rigorous environments. Equipped with 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, and three Ethernet ports, this router offers unstoppable connection continuity with a backup through automatic WAN failover. The Wi-Fi is functional in: Access point, Station mode and repeater mode. USR-G806w is an excellent fit in various IoT and M2M solutions that require easy setup, reliable network, and remote accessibility, such as service robot, inspection robot, unmanned vehicle networking, massage chair networking, AGV car and other industrial application scenarios.

4G/3G/2G 1*WAN/LAN,2*LAN Wi-Fi 4
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Industrial LTE & IO Gataway Router  USR-G809

USR-G809 is a new generation of 4G LTE industrial router with rich interfaces and comprehensive functions. It supports WIFI access point, serial to network, VLAN, DIDO, Email/SMS alert, USR Cloud service function. G809 device adopts industrial design, with multiple hardware protection, built-in watchdog. It has been widely used in the M2M industry in the Internet of Things, providing stable and reliable LTE network for smart factories, photovoltaic industry, wind power generation, airport transportation, smart medical care and other fields.

G809 supports OpenWrt open source operation, which not only strengthens network security, effectively controls and optimizes network traffic, but also extends more routing functions to improve users' network experience

Open source path address:

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5G Industrial Router Representative:USR-G816

5G Multi-Port Industrial Cellular Router  USR-G816

USR-G816 Industrial Multi-Carrier 5G Router is a high performance all-in-one fixed/mobile wireless communications platform with advanced software enabling high availability, reliable and secure connectivity for mission critical applications. The compact rugged design integrates dual SIMs, four-port Gigabit Switch, 802.11ac and 802.11n Wi-Fi Access Point, RS232/485,embedded cellular module that supports WCDMA, 4G LTE and 5G sub-6 GHz NSA and SA network.

5G/4G/3G 1*WAN/LAN,3*LAN Wi-Fi 4, Dual Band
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Industrial Router Configuration Precautions

Industrial 4G Router is a high performance data routing communication equipment, with strong stability, high reliability, strong security and other characteristics, mainly used in the industrial field of large-scale data transmission, has a strong practical value. Note the following points when installing and configuring an Industrial 4G Router:

Industrial Router Configuration Precautions

1. Choose the right installation position:

Before installing the Industrial 4G Router, first consider the installation position of the router, and try to choose a place with good ventilation, clean and dust-free, and low radiation intensity to ensure the normal use of the router.

2. Determine the power supply:

 The power supply of the Industrial 4G Router is an important part of installation and configuration, and it is necessary to determine the power type, voltage and current value for correct installation and wiring.

3. Determine the network connection:

The network connection mode of the Industrial 4G Router can be divided into wired connection and wireless connection, according to the actual needs, you can determine the best connection mode, and choose the SIM card applicable to the project, but do not install too many interfaces, so as not to affect the normal use of the router.

4. Configure the Router: 

You must be familiar with network parameters, such as the IP address, gateway address, DNS server, security configuration, port mapping, and VPN configuration, to configure an Industrial 4G Router.

5.Determine the routing table:

The routing table of the Industrial 4G Router is an important means to achieve data transmission. According to actual needs, corresponding routing rules can be added to achieve effective data transmission.

6. Security Settings:

The security Settings of the Industrial 4G Router include network security, access control, virtual isolation, etc. Different security levels can be set according to actual requirements to ensure network security.

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