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September 19, 2023 Application of 5G cellular router in ports

What is the 5G cellular router?

5G cellular routers can be used in harsh and complex environments and are resistant to high and low temperatures.It can still work stably in outdoor, vehicle-mounted and other complex environments.It is directly connected to the Internet of Things terminal for data acquisition of industrial machinery and equipment, and through real-time data transmission.It enables managers to easily grasp the production and operation situation at different times and regions.

5G cellular router integrates 5G access technology, WIFI technology, routing technology, switching technology, security technology and other network application technologies.The whole line is compatible with 5G/4G/3.5g/3G/2.5g networks, which can easily build high-speed and stable wired and wireless transmission networks.It also supports data acquisition and provides users with wireless long-distance data transmission function by using public 5G/4G network.

The Role of 5G cellular router

(1) Strong communication capability

5G cellular router adopts 5G technology, which has the characteristics of high speed, low latency and large capacity.It can meet the high requirements of unmanned ports for communication speed.In the modern logistics industry, the demand for data transmission speed is getting higher and higher.Unmanned ports are required to achieve "zero error" automation, thereby improving transport efficiency and reducing the risk of workers.5G cellular routers provide ultra-fast data transmission speed, which can transmit the location, weight and other information of containers and goods in real time.So that the system of the unmanned port can accurately grasp the current logistics situation.More importantly, 5G cellular routers provide high-speed, stable and reliable network communication services.It can avoid signal interruption and delay of data transmission, thus ensuring the safety of goods.

(2) Intelligent network management capability

5G cellular routers can also provide intelligent network management services for unmanned ports.Including network structure optimization, network load balancing and so on.With the increasing number of unmanned port equipment, the demand for network bandwidth will become higher and higher.5G cellular routers can adapt to the network environment, and have strong signal coverage and anti-interference ability.By optimizing the network structure, 5G cellular routers can make the network more stable and efficient.Realize the digitalization and intellectualization of logistics process. By monitoring and processing the network data of the port equipment in real time,5G cellular routers can provide comprehensive network management services for unmanned ports and ensure the stable operation of their systems.

5G cellular router adopts advanced encryption technology and security management mechanism, which can effectively guarantee the data security of unmanned ports.In unmanned ports, a large number of sensitive data need to be transmitted, including the value of goods, dangerous goods information and so on.If these data are leaked or tampered with, it will pose a great threat to the operation and security of unmanned ports.5G cellular routers can encrypt and authenticate data transmission to ensure data integrity and security.In addition, 5G cellular routers can also carry out access control and identity authentication and other security mechanisms.So as to maximize the data security of unmanned ports.

Port Application of 5Gcellular router

The Real Case of Rizhao Wharf

Rizhao Wharf is a comprehensive logistics port, whose business scope includes cargo handling, warehousing, logistics, information and so on.Because of its huge business volume, it needs the support of efficient, stable and safe communication equipment.Realize real-time monitoring and analysis of logistics information.In order to solve this problem in Rizhao Wharf, they chose the 5G cellular router USR-G816 as their communication equipment.

First, 5G cellular routers provide high-speed data transmission speed.At the wharf, it is necessary to monitor the location and weight of goods in real time so as to grasp the current logistics situation in time.5G cellular routers can transmit this information in real time to ensure that operators at the terminal can understand the real-time situation of cargo transportation.In the process of rapid transmission of large amounts of data, 5G cellular routers provide stable network communication services.Avoid signal interruptions and delays in data transmission to ensure cargo safety.

Secondly, 5G cellular routers also provide intelligent network management services. At the docks, the number of devices is huge and the network load is high.5G cellular router adopts the technology of adaptive network environment, which can optimize the network structure and improve the network load balancing ability.So as to realize the digitalization and intellectualization of the logistics process.Through real-time monitoring and processing of network data of terminal equipment, 5G cellular router provides comprehensive network management services for Rizhao Terminal.To ensure the stable operation of the system.

Finally, 5G cellular routers also provide efficient data security.In Rizhao Wharf, a large number of sensitive data need to be transmitted, including the value of goods, dangerous goods information and so on.If these data are leaked or tampered with, it will pose a great threat to the operation and security of the terminal.5G cellular routers can encrypt and authenticate data transmission to ensure data integrity and security.In addition, 5G cellular routers can also carry out various security mechanisms such as access control and identity authentication.

The advent of 5G cellular router provides a new network communication guarantee for the intellectualization and digitalization of unmanned ports.It has super communication ability, intelligent network management ability and efficient data security ability.It provides a solid technical support for the realization of unmanned ports.At the same time, the use of 5G cellular routers can also improve the production efficiency of ports and reduce management costs.To inject new vitality into the development of the logistics industry.In the future, the application scope of 5G cellular routers will continue to expand, promoting the continuous development of the digital logistics industry.

5G cellular router USR-G816

USR-G816 Industrial Multi-Carrier 5G Router is a high performance all-in-one fixed/mobile wireless communications  platformwith advanced software enabling high availability, reliable and secure connectivity for mission critical applications.The compact rugged design integrates dual SIMs, four-port Gigabit Switch, 802.11ac and 802.11n Wi-Fi Access Point,  RS232/485,embedded cellular module that supports WCDMA, 4G LTE and 5G sub-6 GHz NSA and SA network.

USR-G816 supports an extended operating temperature range from -35℃ ~ +75℃ and a flexible power input voltage range of 9-36V DC making it suitable for diverse environments and applications.USR-G816 is particularly suitable for smart grid, digital media installations, industrial automation,  telemetry equipment, AGV,inspection robot, intelligent storage, UAV, medical device, digital factory, finance, payment device,  environment protection,water conservancy and so on.

5G/4G/3G1*WAN/LAN, 3*LANWi-Fi 4, Dual Band

Features of USR-G816

◼ Stable And Reliable

Industrial grade design, Rugged enclosure with IP30 protection, optimized for DIN rail or shelf mounting.

Wide operating temperature.Wide voltage input,reverse polarity protection.

ESD,Surge,EFT protection.

Embedded hardware watchdog, self-recovers from malfunctions, maintaining high device availability.

◼ Ultra Fast Connectivity

Global 5G (NSA/SA)/4G LTE network with dual SIM cards for backup between multiple carrier networks

Plug& play, supply lightning transmission via Gigabit Ethernet ports

Support 802.11b/g/n/ac Wave 2(Wi-Fi 5),allows 2.4G & 5.8G dual band concurrent data transmission rates up to 867 Mbps (Dual Band, MU-MIMO),Access Point (AP),Station (STA),repeater

4 x 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports: 1 x WAN (configurable as LAN), 3 x LAN

◼ Rich functions

Automated failover/failback backup among Ethernet, Cellular (dual SIM) and Wi-Fi

Secure transmission with VPN tunnels like PPTP/L2TP/enhanced OpenVPN

Supports APN/VPDN sim card.

Supports serial port transparent transmission, Modbus RTU to TCP, HTTP.

Supports ICMP keepalive check and heartbeat packet check to ensure the highest level of availability

Supports DDNS, static routing, easy access to routers and subnets under routers.

Firewalls, NAT, DMZ, port forwarding, and access restriction are supported.

Supports PUSR cloud platform to facilitate remote monitoring and central management of large-scale device networks.

Local and Remote management via Web GUI, SNMP

Embedded GNSS option for real-time asset tracking and location data-based applications

Supports serial ports (RS232/RS485), enabling you to scale up M2M applications.


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