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PCB Design —— ODM/EMS We provide one-stop turnkey design service to help customers with the delivery of an out-of-the-box hardware platform that is fully tested and ready to use upon delivery.
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4G LTE Modem PUSR's 4G industrial-grade design modems have the advantages of fast networking, easy installation, cost-effectiveness, etc. and are the ideal choice for harsh environment.
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PRODUCT FEATURES PUSR Cellular Modem series is based on lte cat 4 and lte cat 1 cellular network to achieve wireless networking communication function, support RS232/RS485 serial port access, easy to use. With the rapid growth of Cellular Modem demand, PUSR Cellular Modem series of IIoT Devices for industrial environments, mobile transportation, business direction to provide communication services, to achieve the goal of fast networking, secure data transmission, to achieve cost reduction and efficiency for traditional projects, enabling future development.
Fast speed
The low latency of the Cellular Modem, combined with the load balancing function, is the guarantee of fast network access and response, through efficient network protocols, you can quickly perform outdoor networking, remote data transmission.
Independent hardware watchdog, strict EMC high protection, remote FOTA upgrade and other functions, effectively prevent mechanical impact, electronic component damage, to ensure the stability of Cellular Modem data remote transmission.
EMC Level 3 protection, rich communication protocols, and perfect correction mechanism prevent interference such as electromagnetic interference and transmission errors during data transmission, ensuring the stable operation of the Cellular Modem.
Hardware power-off restart mechanism, remote restart; Using SSL encryption transmission mechanism, multi-mode compatibility, large cache to prevent packet loss and other functions; There is no need to worry about security breaches or internal intrusions of the Cellular Modem.
PUSR cellular solutions integrates IoT device and cloud platform to systematically realize all connections, fast networking
High-speed data transmission The Lte cat 4 Cellular Modem has high bandwidth and transmission speed to support large-scale data transmission and real-time communication needs. Through 4G Cellular networks, IIoT Devices can transmit sensor data, video streaming and other large-capacity data more quickly, providing more application scenarios for various industries, such as smart cities and intelligent transportation.
Security and reliability Devices in IIOT applications often need to ensure the secure transmission and reliable connection of data. 4G Cellular networks have stronger security mechanisms, such as encrypted transmission, identity authentication, etc., to provide higher data security. At the same time, the stable connectivity of the 4G Cellular Modem can also meet the requirements of real-time monitoring and response.
Cloud platform integration The integration of Lte cat 4 and Lte cat 4 Cellular Modem technology with PUSR Cloud platform will become an important direction for the future development of IOT. By connecting IIoT Devices to the cloud platform, functions such as remote management, data storage and analysis, and intelligent decision-making can be achieved to provide more value to users.
Why choose pusr
What can PUSR do for you? The pioneer of this industrial evolution, with "fast networking and stable transmission for you to create a key application of secure data communication".
Ready to do smart ecological networking? PUSR provides networking services for industrial, commercial and mobile transportation, and realizes the application solution of software and hardware integration. You focus on the logic of your project, handing over the key links of networking to PUSR.
Need deployment and planning support? PUSR has rich experience in R&D and application in the field of networking, not only limited to 4G Cellular Routers and 5G Cellular Routers networking, but also includes Ethernet, lte cat 4 Modem,lte cat 1 Modem, Wi-Fi, LoRa, Bluetooth, I/O and other networking methods. And provide configuration, programming, deployment, and customization services when needed.
Focus on security PUSR IoT Devices have passed the quality system certification, and reliable products are the core of PUSR and the key to PUSR's rapid development.
Reliable products PUSR Cellular Modem is protected by hardware and software to prevent malicious attacks and keep your networking secure at all times
Technical services Feel free to email technical support questions, PUSR will provide global Cellular Modem technical support, to ensure the stable operation of your project.
Brand strength Self-built factories, multiple certifications worldwide, trusted support from customers in more than 40 countries provide superior technology for connected applications.
COLLABORATE WITH PUSR TO PROVIDE UNBREAKABLE WIRELESS NETWORK ! PUSR keeps pace with The Times, provides ecological networking services, quickly and safely realizes industrial networking applications !
  • Industrial applications Through PUSR Cellular Modem communication equipment, factories can realize remote monitoring and management of equipment, improve production efficiency and quality. At the same time, by combining with the cloud platform, real-time monitoring of equipment status, predictive maintenance and intelligent decision-making can be achieved to further optimize the production process.
  • Enterprise commercial In the commercial environment, Lte cat 4 can support high-speed data transmission and Internet connection for commercial iot applications, and Lte cat 1 can be applied to simpler or low-power intelligent access control applications, etc., to play its energy-saving role. Cellular Modem can be used in intelligent transportation, environmental monitoring and other aspects to improve urban management and quality of life.
  • Mobile transportation Through Cellular network technology, vehicles can achieve real-time vehicle condition monitoring, location tracking and remote diagnosis, improving vehicle safety and transportation efficiency. In terms of logistics tracking, Internet of Things technology can be applied to the tracking and monitoring of goods, providing more accurate logistics information, and optimizing the logistics transportation process.
Remotely Controlling and Monitoring A rapid short circuit in a power network creates two primary issues: damage to power control systems and loss of revenue, such as regional substations and feeder stations.
Remote intelligent meter reading The large number of various meters are dispersed in different locations, the utilities companies used to hire thousands of meter readers to go around to read the meter.
Environmental Monitoring USR IOT uses wireless communication technology, which can construct a new online atmospheric monitoring system to detect air quality and grasp exceeding situation dynamically.
Remote monitoring of water pumps Combined with internet technology, USR IOT launched remote water pump monitoring system, which can achieve remote online control of the water pumps.
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